With so much hate surrounding us in daily life (you just need to pick up a newspaper to see it) it is hard to believe that there is any good around. Everything is so cruel and vicious. You might as well leave your TVs off, deactivate any of those social media accounts you have and stay in your bedroom until your time is up.

Or you can find something that makes you forget all the cruelness for a brief amount of time; causing you to create your own world. There are certain bands and singers that just make everything feel right again. From the relaxed tones of Warpaint to the unified chants of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. You listen, and everything seems alright even if it clearly isn’t. You can’t expect to take on the world’s problems if you cannot face up to your own. But we still try.

I listened to The Very Most’s new EP and was yet again in awe of just how gentle the music they make is. For the most part I really love music that is a bit rowdy and slightly brutal. Nothing like the person I am; which is why I love it. I probably like music like that to get away from how I am. Too deep for a late Saturday night. Some are asleep, some are vomiting in bus stops. I’m doing this. Sorry.

Just A Pup is a lovely title for the EP. It sums up the innocence of the band. There aren’t many bands around that have a quality like that. A lot think they know it all already, but they end up being forgotten. Sort of happens to regular folk too. Nobody knows everything, thankfully. Some think they do, but we don’t care for them.

The Very Most have been constantly releasing EPs; and it makes you think why don’t they just put a full length record out. I’ve thought about this for some time, but I think they are one of those bands that sound better with a string of strong EPs rather than meaningless full length releases. They leave you wanting more; anticipating in a blissed out state. This is why I really love music.

The EP features an excellent guitar solo on the title track by Danny from Seapony. I advise anyone to listen to them; truly beautiful. I’m not a Tom Jones fan at all, so obviously I think their cover of It’s Not UnusualĀ  is better than the original. It features vocals from Liz who is in a gorgeous band from Cardiff called The School. Check them out too.

Just A Pup is made up of four songs that just lift your spirits; and looking at the state of the world right now, we really need this. A perfect band to listen to as the sun goes down or even as it rises.

You can listen to and buy the EPĀ  here: