FEATHERS- If All Now Here.

“Damn those evil eyes.”


Land Of The Innocent instantly became my favourite song of the year when I heard it in January. Every song I hear seems to become my favourite song; it’s fine. I actually mean it this time. It was the perfect synth driven song I’d heard in a while, and the haunting vocals just instantly won me over. But could they do the same with their debut record? In short, yes. Stop reading now if you must. I’d advise it because all I’m going to do is tell you why I love it and not be a jumped up music journalist!

The record starts with Land Of The Innocent. I don’t need to write about that, my feelings towards that song are evident. Soft comes next and it is brilliant. Everything seems positive from here. Their music, like I said the first time I wrote about them, is as delicate as their name. A lot of bands that make this style of music seem to want to desperately bring the 80s back. Urgh. NO! I know times are shit now, but there’s no need to bring the 80s back. Unless you are getting The Jesus And Mary Chain to tour the UK just one more time; then it’s okay. Leave the past in the past. Anyone who has tried to be Punk in recent times has turned out to be awful. I don’t even understand how Pop-Punk became a thing. That’s my own personal hate there, and I’m in the minority.

If All Now Here is of its time. It sounds like nothing else before or anything else around now. It’s flawless enough for it to influence a bunch of musicians struggling to make their own sound. Without sounding like a dick, it is a strong record. I don’t mean it in a cheap slang way most use; I mean it in its truest and purest sense. It is a record that you can put against a lot that have come out this year, and previous years that made (or tried) to make music of this genre- and it will be the one that blows the listener’s mind. What I love about If All Now Here is that it has no obvious influences. I don’t like it when you know straight away who (or if) a band are influenced by. I could quite happily research what has influenced some of my favourite bands, and spend hours listening to them and finding the one song that is evidently their backbone. I don’t like it when it is obvious. Maybe I just like making life difficult for myself at times.

I really love Dream Song because it has such a tame vibe to it. It feels like watching the sunset as you go off into the unknown. There’s a lot of comfort on this record, and Dream Song is the main track that really expresses this. It honestly does feel like a dream; the whole record feels like you are falling deep into the most pleasant trance. An ethereal state takes you over; every song feels as if it was made for you to dream to.

Feathers quickly became my ideal band back in January and the anticipation I carried for this record was much like what I carry around waiting for the new Warpaint record. Although both make different styles of music, both manage to take you on a gentle journey to the most perfect state of bliss you can imagine. For me, I have no problem at all with firmly stating that If All Now Here is one of the best records of the year. No doubt it’ll be the most ignored because everyone loves Haim; but Feathers are doing something different. You don’t always have to go with what the hype says you should, because when you do you foolishly ignore the good stuff. But, again, my opinion and I carry it alone.

If All Now Here doesn’t sound like a debut record; that’s how powerful it is. It doesn’t sound like something from a brand new band, but that’s what makes them worthy of your time. The dark and mysterious tones in their music is well hidden; listen intensely and it all becomes clear. When a band mix dark lyrics over cheerful sounds it is just the best thing because at first you are unaware of the darkness in the lyrics, but then you really start to listen and you then connect. That’s what makes a band not only powerful but also, believable. A prime example of this on If All Here Now is the track Dark Matter, I know it is eventually obvious on all songs but Dark Matter really captures. I adore the church bell sound on Night Seances; an eerie song that makes you feel as if you are in contact with another world. All of the record feels as if you have stepped into another world. One with meaning, one with ease. It is a phenomenal record; only a fool would find fault in it.

You can buy the record from their bandcamp page here: http://feathers.bandcamp.com/