24 05 2013



Last year I wrote about a duo from New York that were pretty much the opposite of everything I listen to. They’re not as heavy as bands such as The Jesus And The Mary Chain or Loom, but they have a dream-like feel to their music which is found in bands I love such as Youth Lagoon, Tamaryn and Warpaint.  I like music that at times can be regarded as brutal and aggressive. Thrashing guitars and distorted vocals; that’s what owns my heart. But there is always room for delicate music. The true definition of delicate is found in the new Hooves EP, Luna.

Luna has the same beauty as Beach House’s music. The echoing vocals and the hazy guitar sends you into another world. A world free of any judgement and pain; and if you’ve been subjected to the news recently, you will understand how badly that is needed. Their gentle sounds and atmospheric mood is wonderfully soothing. I may have exhausted everything I could possibly say about Hooves when I wrote about them last year, but Luna is a stunning EP. With some EPs you always want more, and at times you wonder why a band even bothered to make one, but with Hooves this EP just fits perfectly. Luna is made up of four beautifully crafted songs that fit so perfectly; as the sun falls down this is the music you should be playing as you watch the day fade away and the cool, calm breeze of the night hits. Nothing else would be as blissful as this.

The tribal sounds in Animal Noises is my favourite off the EP, for now. I’ll no doubt change my mind as I listen to the EP on a loop; I rarely pick a favourite and stick to it, but I feel this may be one I can actually stick with. I adore the thumping drums and soothing vocals on Animal Noises. Doves is a song that is made up of ethereal vocals with a euphoric build-up towards the end. This is why it is so easy to fall in love with music. This is also why I believe duos to be the best. They give more of themselves, as do solo artists. In short, I just really do adore Hooves.

Hooves are one of the many reasons as to why I think it is easy to justify that New York is the home to such incredible talents. If you want to go way back in time, then you will find some true greats. But of recent years (I mean the past 5 years or so) bands like Sons Of An Illustrious Father to K-Holes have all produced insanely good music; both completely different from each other, but equally divine. Hooves are a prime example of what New York has to offer; you better take it.

Hooves is out now and you can get if off their bandcamp page: http://hoovesband.bandcamp.com/album/luna-ep Share it with the ones you love on a Summer’s day, that’s the best way to enjoy it. Or you can be totally selfish and play it through headphones and create your own piece of heaven. Both are fine; just listen. Oh and they also opened for Kaki King last December. That’s pretty important.



29 06 2012

I know most of what I listen to would probably just seem like noise to someone else (how you can call The Jesus And Mary Chain “noise” is beyond me, they’re easily one of the best bands to have ever existed, alongside The Gruesomes but hey..people never agree do they.) But I do like music that sounds quite peaceful and ethereal. Bands such as Sons Of An Illustrious Father to Warpaint to Youth Lagoon to the band I’m going to write about.

New York has one of the best music scenes, if you can’t see that then maybe..just maybe you need help? I suggest you look up some New York bands and open your mind/ears. You’ll find something you love, trust me. From Ghost Pal to Friends- you’ll honestly find something that fits your mood.

Most of what I listen to (unintentionally) comes from either New York or the West Coast. I’ve always had an obsession with American bands. I suppose it is because my only solid life goal is to move to LA and write. Typical, right? Right. But the dream has been there since I was 14/15 so this isn’t me trying to be a hipster kid. No. This is a person who’s had the same dream for the past 11 years and doesn’t get handed a chance to do so. They say hard work pays off, and I’m tired of waiting.

Those who are familiar with Sun Kin, Ghost Pal and Sons Of An Illustrious Father should be aware of Hooves. Even if you’re not a fan of those bands, you should probably still dig Hooves.

Hooves consists of Dan Kolpin and various musicians. Their debut EP, Minimus can be found here : http://hoovesband.bandcamp.com/album/minimus-ep

If you love bands such as Wild Beasts or Stornoway, you’ll love Hooves. There is something so majestic and charming about the music that you may not have heard before. Well, even if you have..it doesn’t matter. Just turn your attention to Hooves, you won’t be disappointed.

Aside from the EP, a new track has just been released called Ocean. They describe themselves as Electronic/Folk. Don’t be a music snob and turn your nose up at it. Sure most that describe themselves in this way are usually a bit, you know-toss. Hooves aren’t. There is something entirely different about them, and although they are relatively new I do hope this year brings them a hell of a lot of recognition.

You can download the EP and Ocean from their bandcamp page. The EP is a lot more ambient than Ocean is. Ocean has more of a Folk feel to it.

Hooves make beautiful music. We are sadly part of a world where dubstep is regarded as a credible music type (I just hate it, a lot.) So it is nice to have something that means something. Which you can find in Hooves, and I truly hope you do.