Royal Chant- Hesitation Kills.

This morning, in my emails I found a lovely email from my chums Royal Chant. They’re the kind of lads you’d spend an afternoon in a pub quoting NWA lyrics with and discussing who had the best solo career from NWA (Ice Cube, yeah?) As they are based in Australia and I’m in England these discussions occur over social networking sites and emails. When they come to England, I’ll probably stalk them and they’ll forget to play their shows as we’ll get too involved in our NWA discussions. Not sorry.

So, they’ve got a new single out. It is called Hesitation Kills and quite frankly, I love it. Even if we weren’t pals I would still love this track. It is loud and will probably cause your ears to bleed if you play it as loudly as I’ve been doing. I think I’ve gone a bit deaf. My only solution to this is to keep playing it loudly and enjoy it. I will risk my health and safety for the music I love.

You can get a free download of the track from their bandcamp page. But give it a few hours, they’re working out some technical stuff/sorting it out etc.

Wait it out, and it’ll be worth it. Until then, listen to some of the other tracks on the page. Oh and if anyone of authority (I mean very rich people who want to make a few poor folks like myself happy) wants to get these guys to England I’d appreciate that!