When your mind races and your body feels like it is seizing up, the only cure for this is to listen to music. Aside from cruel diseases, music is a cure. It eases loneliness, it drives away sadness, it can bring joy- it’s more than a cure. It’s everything. It can stop fear momentarily. There is something about it that can make you feel as if you can do anything. The ultimate high.

You find a band sometimes that instantly makes you wish that right now, you were elsewhere. In body you can be in one place, but in mind you are some place else. I suppose it gets messy when your heart gets involved, but I’ll try to avoid that for now. I suppose when you can escape in your mind well…it’s cheaper than an actual holiday. My body hasn’t felt right since I came back from Brussels; I am desperate to go back. Anyway, this is about music- not my desire to go back to Brussels.

Froth are a Los Angeles band that with first listen, you’re going to wish you lived in LA. Although, maybe it is the idea of LA that will lure you in. Froth have got a sound that is found in a lot of bands I love; a typical blissed out Psychedelic sound with 60s Girl Group harmonies. A real Garage Rock vibe is surrounding Froth’s music, and it is so easy to love them on first listen. It’s like seeing a cute puppy for the first time. What  love the most about Froth is that they don’t sound like a band that are around now. There’s a wave of nostalgia in their music that too, is found in a few bands that I am fans of. That’s another reason to love them. Their debut record came out last year (Patterns) and it’s probably one of the most underrated records of the year. Let’s not make the same mistake again. The whole point of making a mistake is to learn from them. Some mistakes are fun to keep on making, so I guess they aren’t really a mistake. There can be beauty in a fuck-up.

I’ve said it about a few bands before, but Froth make the kind of music I wish I could. Their sound is beautifully relaxed with a gorgeous Psychedelic glare. They’ve got a real DIY ethic, and if you’ve got a label like Lolipop Records and Burger Records putting your music out there, it is easy to see why. I’ve read some snippets about Froth, and I’ve read that their live show is something that needs to be seen; as you listen to their music it is easy to imagine what it would be like. Froth are a band for those who REALLY love music, and I’d imagine they would attract a passionate crowd to their shows.

As Summer is faced approaching, the pressure of heading to a beach can be a drag for those like myself who cannot (and will not) part with their black clothing and Docs. How am I supposed to relax when I feel like I am melting? Surely there are better places to hang out? Good luck if you’re in LA. But, I suppose you’d find some place better. My point is, if you dress like me (do people call you a scruff too?!) and you know what the Summer means, then just listen to Froth. Something about their music will make you feel less dreadful about imminent heatwaves galore! There’s only so long you can stay indoors before you totally lose it. Find a tree and just sit under it. Froth are a band that you can just shut off to; there is something really assuring about their music. You feel as if you’ve heard it before, but the truth is- you’ve not heard anything quite like it.

I may never get to visit LA, but I feel like I’m already there when I listen to Froth.

So, if you want some Summertime grooves or something to just soothe your soul, then give Froth a listen: