13 02 2014



With the tube strikes being cancelled I was able to go see a band last night that I’ve been waiting to see for far too long. It seems of late I have fortunately been able to see bands/singers that really mean something to me after waiting for so long. My ability to plan and do things is sometimes questionable. However, if it is music related I am more than likely to be motivated to do something about it. Everything else can wait.

Of course when you are in the seated area of a venue you have the dilemma of “Do I stand or sit? Oh..they’re standing..I can’t see. I’m now standing. Oh we’re back to sitting, alright then!” A bit of light exercise for this fatty, right?

I like bands that are duos because there is something magical about them, but when a band has more than 5 members then I’m not sure what happens to my interest in them. Of course you have the likes of Wu Tang Clan who have a lot of members and they’re one of the greatest groups ever. And if I’m honest I really don’t care for Folk like bands. Over the PA Mumford & that lot was playing, and I felt a bit queasy. I can’t stand them or any band/singer like them, so why do I like Edward Sharpe? That’s easy- because their songs have a lot of meaning, they make you feel alive and make you forget all the bad you have done and all the bad that has been done to you. I can’t say the same for the band I mentioned above (not Wu Tang, obviously!) With Edward Sharpe you get something else. You get the feeling that you are part of something. My girlfriend did turn to me a few times during and questioned if they were a cult. I think she was convinced we were going to leave the show and now be part of some cult. There are worse things to happen. If you’re going to end up in a cult, it might as well be with the love of your life by your side, right?

The setlist was beautiful. Alex asked the crowd what they wanted to hear and we got the delights of Jade, Life Is Hard and Up From Below. Their cover of Nina Simone’s Ain’t Got No was exceptional. It was a real highlight of the show and really made you glad to be alive. During one of the songs (I’m writing this 2 days after, my memory isn’t too great) Alex handed the mic to a girl in the crowd who had this voice that was unworldly. If I was in the band, I’d have asked her to join. Her brief solo caused the whole place to just be taken back and give her the greatest reception I’ve seen in a long time from a crowd. I hope someone tracks her down and gives her a record deal. If any of her pals see this, or if she does- let it be known she has a gorgeous voice that needs to be heard. Jade and Alex’s vocals are on a different planet. Jade has this way of making you think “Where the hell did that voice come from??!!” and Alex just grips you with the power he has in his voice. They chase each other around the stage in a playful and adoring manner. Alex ends up in the crowd during the middle of their first song.¬† This isn’t just a band; they are truly a family unit.

I could write thousands of words about how Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros are pretty much one of the best bands around and the most exciting bands to see live, but I think it is obvious they are. You really don’t need someone like me telling you that. I can only hope the crowd at their show last night at Shepherd’s Bush got the same feeling. When you listen to their music you immediately feel as if someone is giving you a great big hug. When you see them live, you just feel as if everything shit in the world no longer matters. It shouldn’t matter, but at times it does. Live music is a healer. Trust no one who doesn’t believe in the power of music.

I’m going to try rounding this up by attempting to sum up the feelings this show gave me. As I was watching the band, I was just in awe of how extremely talented they all are. Of course I knew this as I’m a fan, but to see it live is just something else. Their music is that constant feeling of falling in love over and over. You feel as if you could die and it wouldn’t matter because you’d be listening to this beautiful music that just soothes you. On the other hand, their music makes you feel really REALLY alive and you feel as if nothing in this world can touch you. They make you feel part of something truly special, and that goes beyond words. Sure I like music that is the polar opposite of me- aggressive, loud and bold but sometimes I just want to hear something like Edward Sharpe and feel something I haven’t felt before. And what I felt will stay with me for as long as my memory will allow.

Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros- Home.

2 01 2012

For some stupid reason, I failed to write about one of the best songs I’ve heard over the past few years.

Home is a love song that isn’t sickly and vile like most love songs. Usually, I like the ones that are quite dark and a bit eerie (The Jesus And Mary Chain are the perfect example.) However, Home by Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros is one of those songs that just make you feel so fucking good inside. You don’t have to be with someone or in love to get this song. Hell, I’m not in love or anything like that at all- but this song just fills every single part of me with so much joy, fuck..it just makes you feel so damn happy to be alive. It takes you to a spiritual place that nothing else has done to you in such a long time.

Listening to Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros, for me, is like listening to Warpaint. It really taps into your spiritual being. It transports you to some place so beautiful. Nothing can touch you at all. Bloody hell, Home is just such a divine song. It covers you in goosebumps. It makes you want to grab someone. ANYONE! It makes you want to grab them, and shake them and just sing¬† “HOME IS WHEREVER I’M WITH YOU!” You’d have to be one stone cold, cruel human being to not feel so much joy from this song.

You remember when I said what I Want You by Summer Camp does to me? Well, Home is on that level. It just shakes you up, stirrs your soul and makes you feel like you can do anything. It’s like a warm blanket on a cold,rainy Winter’s night. It makes your insides feel warm and your bones rested. Everything I love about music is in this song, the album it is taken from makes me feel exactly the same.

In short, Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros make you feel like you are part of their musical family. There’s about 11 of them, I think. When you see live clips of them all performing together, it looks like some kind of peaceful ritual that just elevates your soul. Maybe it’s an L.A. thing? If that’s the case, I want to be in L.A. right now. I want to sit on the beach and listen to this song until I am exhausted and just fall into a deep slumber. It’s 5 minutes long, but it should be longer. Just because it is so perfect; you don’t want it to end. Just like, when you’re having a lovely day with a friend or whatever, and everything in each passing moment you are sharing is so perfect and, nothing or no one can ruin it. That’s what Home does for me. I listen to it, and I’m in the most peaceful state of mind I could ever imagine being in.

I’ve never felt part of anything with anyone. I’ve never felt at “home.” But, when I listen to this, I feel like I am part of something. I create my own home. Home doesn’t have to be a place. It can be a feeling inside. It’s anything you want it to be. This song made me realise that. This song lifts up my spirits every single time I listen to it. Even when I feel totally fine, I listen to this and I just feel something so euphoric and untouchable.