The Weeknd-Echoes Of Silence.

The Weeknd as the most exciting thing to have happened to music this year, easily. You can keep your mundane and generic sounds. The Weeknd took R&B to a level it should’ve been at years ago. I still stand by that the genre lost all meaning when Aaliyah died. The production and sounds on her second album, One In A Million was so advanced and took you to a different world. That’s exactly what The Weeknd has done; especially with yesterday’s release Echoes Of Silence.

You know an artist is utterly incredible when their site crashes due to an insane amount of downloads. He has, no doubt, made R&B an exciting genre again. What I love about him, is that his music takes you mind to a different place- just like Burial does. There is something so stunning about The Weeknd’s music that just sets your soul on fire. You have to just put your headphones in, shut off the world, turn the lights off and go some place else. Just let yourself freely drift there. The journey to that place is so euphoric, the comedown isn’t something you should dwell on- just keep playing his music.

Echoes Of Silence is avaliable on his site for free download- as are his previous two mixtapes that you need in your life. If the current state of music leaves you crying into your hands most days- then let The Weeknd ease the pain and reinforce your faith in music again.