In 2009, three folks from the West Coast of America formed a band. All before and in-between means nothing. What matters is the outcome. The outcome turned out to be something so ethereal and pure, I don’t even think this is real life anymore. I really don’t. For all the shit in the world, how on earth do we deserve a band as amazing as Dunes? Seriously, I don’t know. I just don’t know. I don’t think I’m going to question it for too long, I’m just going to go with it.

Wandering eyes, loyal heart and a tired tongue. It all catches up with you eventually. Everyone in the shop this evening was buying about 5 bottles of various alcohol based products each. They’re off to be sociable. I’m writing about a band that make me no longer care for what I do and all I see. This dreaming state is divine and pure. Don’t wake me up. I won’t let you. I’ll freeze, you’ll fold and nobody will be able to understand.

Morbid thoughts are healthy, just like smiling is good for you. Or something. I don’t know. I read it somewhere, or I was told. Or maybe I just made it up. Don’t trust anyone who is always happy. Also, don’t trust anyone who doesn’t dig Dunes. That’s not a pun or anything, you know what I mean. Obviously.

Floating through space and time. Unaware of all around you. People aren’t seen. Objects are drifted over. You’re heading somewhere on your own. Spread your arms, kiss a wish to the sky and let it take you. Just go, let go. Go. Go. GO. Dunes do this to you. Dunes make you feel alive. Dunes make you FEEL. The atmosphere they create and all they make you feel is enough to make you want to kiss your enemy on the cheek and wish them good health and a good day. I’m soft and sensitive, so I’d probably do this anyway. That loyal heart of mine, it’s terribly stupid.

Tied Together is probably my favourite track I’ve exposed my curious ears to. The songs all feel like a come-down from something truly beautiful. You want the beauty to carry on? Then listen to Dunes. If you want to drop some names of bands that they sound like, then I’m sorry. I just can’t do that. It’s lazy. I doubt a band thinks, “Fuck let’s just copy what’s been done before.” I’m not going to insult them and launch a load of comparisons your way. As a Music Writer (I hate the word Journalist) I think I dislike them, a lot. Mainly the ones who just have no passion. If I listen to a band that evidently play with all they have; I’m sure as hell going to write about them with similar passion. If you don’t love what you do, then you must simply stop. And if you are constantly being rejected like I, then you must keep going. Then one day you will get to say “FUCK YOU” to all that said no. Apparently good things will happen. Apparently.

A good thing has happened. Dunes have happened. A perfect band to just listen to whilst doing nothing on a typical summer day. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beach kind of person. Or someone who likes to wander around the city blasting out incredible music in your ears. Where you are just means nothing because Dunes take you some place else. A euphoric plain that you’ve never discovered before. This is truly remarkable. I don’t want to hear anything else right now. This is too good. It’s like looking at a beautiful female and wanting to look at her for the rest of time. Lust fills your ears and fills you with joy as you listen to Dunes.

They’ve got a bandcamp page with their tracks on, well some of anyway. You can do the right thing and BUY their music. But please give them a listen : http://duneslala.bandcamp.com

My love for bands from the West Coast is fully justified in bands such as Dunes. They just have this feel to their music that makes you feel like, maybe anything is possible. Nothing is perfect, that I know. However when I listen to Dunes I’m starting to believe that perfection does exist. Someone can be perfect but still have their faults. If you love them regardless of their faults, then you have found your soul-mate.

Dunes are a band that you just need. Don’t question it. Do not even wonder why you must love them. You just simply must. You’ve got to. I feel like some kind of dictator (or maybe I’m just a dick) but you’ve got to love them. They’re tranquil and just make you want to sway. Sway so gently and ignore all around you. The moments of beauty they give you, well, nothing else can really compete with it to be honest.