Petition (Important.)

9 02 2012

Every so often something happens in the World that just fills me with rage and disgust towards people. Not all people- just a certain kind. The kind I’m usually disgusted at are called, Politicians. I’m not going to word this in a way that doesn’t offend; I don’t care. I’m past that. Because what the UK government could possibly do is WAY more offensive than anything I could ever write down.

Whether you know it or not- we all know someone who is a victim of domestic violence. You may not know it because they have taught themselves to hide it so well, or they just deny anything is going on. However, for most they seek refuge in Safe Houses across the country.

Well, it seems so motherfucking bright spark wants to cut funding for domestic violence resources. Now, it really doesn’t take a genius to work out that this is beyond wrong and utterly utterly vile. This simply cannot happen. And I want YOU to click on the link that a very good friend of mine has set up for a petition to stop this from happening. Please don’t think “Oh my signature won’t make a difference.” DON’T BE SUCH A TWAT. Sign it. It will take you a couple of minutes, and doing so could stop this from happening. So please, do it.

What makes me sad is that, all too often victims of rape, domestic violence are ALWAYS seen as deserving it. Who the FUCK asks to be raped? Who the FUCK asks to be beaten up on a daily basis, and being made to feel so worthless because of abusive words and actions? NOBODY. NOBODY AT ALL.

We all have the right to feel safe- on the streets and in our own home. To cut this funding would just ruin so many people’s lives. It would take away a safety net for so many. So please please- sign the petition. Thing is- you shouldn’t have to read anything I’ve written- you should’ve just scrolled down to find the link so you could sign the petition. If you read this and think, “Nah..I won’t bother.” Then please, go fuck yourself. Imagine if it happened to you or someone you loved- how would you feel?

The Government seem to want to only do things that bring in money and ignore helping others. It doesn’t take a lot to realise that keeping the funds for these resources is FAR more important that the fucking Olympics. People running about for half an hour on a brand new track or saving a person’s life by giving them a place to go? It’s obvious what is important.

Thank you.