Cousin Brian.

1 11 2012

“Pardon me while I smack my head.”

Over a year ago someone took one of my favourite items of clothing- my Ramones hoodie. That hoodie had been to some brilliant gigs. It provided warmth and shelter from the rain. It was probably the only sensible Winter clothing I owned. So, when it got taken from me (never give a girl your clothes. I don’t care how long you’ve known them or whatever- you will NEVER get your stuff back. EVER.) I was crushed. Part of me was thinking, “I can deal with how you’ve treated me, sort of..but taking my stuff? NO.” I’m obviously the Queen of prioritising. Clothes before feelings. Whatever. So, I bought a new one. It came in the post this morning. I will not part with it. I will not offer it to my girlfriend to keep her warm (I trust her and love her dearly, but I’m not going through this AGAIN!) if she feels cold, I will offer her a hug or tell her to put a jumper on. One of her own. Not mine. I just needed to write this down. Now I am going to tell you about a wonderful band that come from Philly.

Cousin Brian make noise. They make a whole lotta noise. Noise that fucks with your head. Fucks with your mind. It just fucks with you; or just fucks you. Pardon the graphic details but that’s all I’ve got. That’s what they do to you. They move you. Shivers go through you; they shake you. Take a walk and listen to them. Cling onto the distractions. Keep walking.

What you must simply adore about Cousin Brian is that they are just a bit mental. The good kind of mental. If you’re like me, and don’t do drugs. You use music as that “high” or whatever- then you probably need to get really familiar with Cousin Brian. They’ll do something to your mind that nothing and no one else can touch. They send you on a high; and you feel so blissed out that coming back to reality just seems ridiculous. So you keep on listening, it’s better that way.

Their songs ooze the frustrations of every day life. If you can’t relate to them, then maybe you’ve not watched the news or looked at people in the street or you just don’t go outside. You’ve removed yourself from the outside so maybe you don’t understand. I fully endorse hiding away at times; but sometimes you can’t avoid it. And I know how it is such a drag, and it exhausts you. But that’s why we have music. Music drags you through. You can kick and scream your way through the days but music will be there to probably kick and scream with you. It’s On Me is a perfect example of letting those frustrations go. Besides, what’s the point in hanging onto something that just ruins you? Let it go.

To sum it up, Cousin Brian are an excellent band from Philly. They bring you sunshine and fun. They unleash your furies and any angst you may have. If you don’t feel good after listening to them, call your doctor. Maybe they can help you.

You can listen to their debut full length LP and other cool stuff right here : If you don’t enjoy the Jeff Goldblum background on their bandcamp page then you’ve evidently not watched Jurassic Park (and enjoyed it.)