Every decision you make in life will one day come back around to make a mockery of you. You can go one of two ways. Or you can end up heading towards both. For instance, you could have this fucked up dream of wanting to leave where you currently are so you can make something of yourself, and in time move away to the place that spiritually owns every part of you. Then it hits you. You look back at your emails or whatever. You’ve applied to close to 40 jobs in 5 days. You’re heading nowhere so very very fast. It is worse than last time, and in a week or so you will be going back home where you’ll shut yourself off and refuse to try again. It’s happening, and with this wave of failure kicking in- I’m going to carry on writing about a band that are somewhat holding me together.

It is obvious how much I love Warpaint. From the articles I’ve written to my tattoo to the amount of times I listen to them a day. I don’t listen to them because I want to, I listen to them because I HAVE to. There’s a few bands/singers I have this love for. It becomes like a ritual. Speaking of rituals….

The start of Composure starts with some kind of ritualistic chant. You can make up your own mind with regard to what they are chanting, but I will always remain adamant that it is “THE CLIT CUT.” They’ve said it is that in a few live clips, so its fine to yell this when you see them live. You can yell it during everyday life if you want, sure it may make you mental but there is no sense of normality around us because it does not exist.

I love the intro to Composure (chant aside.) The build up in this song is much like all their songs. Extremely euphoric and catapults you right off into another world. A world that is surrounded by stars, the sea and tranquility. Everything we need but for the most part, cannot seem to get our hands on. Do we keep trying? For me, this song holds a lot of meaning. Both personally and just a general love for it. At times I’ve listened to it with a sense of overwhelming urgency hitting me in the face, and I have listened to it and thought about the phrase “You are beyond” which is sung by Emily in such a hypnotising way. Her voice has this effect on you that causes you to feel like you are trapped, but it is totally fine because her voice will also be the voice that sets you free. The concept of freedom is a different matter, but I could probably relate it to a Warpaint song easily.

“How can I keep my composure?
I turn my back and you got my shoulder.
Release your mind, through your hands and your feet,
A sigh digs you out when you’re getting too deep.”

You try to keep it together. The “you” could be a person or a state of mind that always has a grip on you. A possible death-grip. Your conscience will fuck with you, but that’s just how it is. You let all these words and feelings out. It becomes overwhelming, then you realise you’ve probably said too much. So what can you do? Well, all you can do is just sigh. You let everything come out, an intense release that is only greeted by a sigh. Is this what it has all become now? You cannot explain a thing, just a sigh sums it up. Sometimes though, that is all you have. I an relate. Thanks Warpaint! Although I love this verse a hell of a lot, there’s just one sentence in the song that from first listen to The Fool hit me like no other. It just meant a lot from the first listen. Its been nearly two years and I am still in awe when I hear:

“A sordid spot, a monster takeover.
Living in shame’s gonna haunt your sleep.”

You’re in a sordid place and something horrific takes over you. This could be your own personal Hell or you could be brave, fighting off those demons that seem to creep up on you. Then you realise, being ashamed of all of this is haunting you. You’re not functioning. You’re not living. You’re not sleeping. You’re no longer you. There’s no shame in being weak. But you feel so ashamed, it stirs you. What are you going to do about it? What can you do about it?

The thing is, Warpaint tap into that part of you that you thought nobody could ever really get into. You always knew it was there. This mystical, euphoric feelings. But you were never quite sure on how you’d reach that state of being. Being fully aware of your surroundings but at the same time- in a dreaming state. It is easy to function like this. But there’s a difference, as you know, between functioning and living. For the most part, we aren’t living.

I try to take something from when I listen to Warpaint. Whether it is a way of trying to make sense or just trying to let that nagging feeling/thought go. This is why Warpaint go beyond being a band. Songs like Composure just make so much sense. Trying to keep yourself together when you know that there is something/someone with their hand on you waiting for you to turn back around. When you face whatever it is, will you go towards it or will you keep walking away from it?

Don’t live in shame, and allow that sigh to be the most liberating thing you do. Then listen to Warpaint. Listen to them, and maybe..just maybe something will click. Something may just make a little bit of sense.

Th dreamy guitars, the swaying bass, the tense drumming and the calming vocals really come alive in Composure. It is there in every Warpaint song, but you knew that already.

Lost? Find yourself in Warpaint.