Chelsea Wolfe.

6 10 2011

I love all kinds of music, I don’t really care for genre- so long as it has meaning. I favour anything that is dark and vulnerable. I can relate to it more than I wish to at times, but that’s how it is. There’s more in it.

Chelsea Wolfe is on the same level as Zola Jesus, well to me she is. She’s got a dark quality to her music that immediately grabbed me the same way Zola Jesus did. I wasn’t expecting it to happen, but it did. To be honest, I was quite reluctant to feel like about any artist other than Zola Jesus.

Hailing from the City Of Angels aka Los Angeles, Chelsea pretty much justifies that a LOT of excellent music is pouring out of LA right now. I mean, it alsways has; but recently the surge of amazing artists coming from there is amazing. Her album Apokalypsis is fucking creepy. It’s enthralling, eerie and ghastly. It’s perfect. Chelsea and Zola Jesus have both put out this year’s most eeriest and darkest albums; it’s beautiful.

Apokalypsis consists of haunting vocals and BIG drums.The sounds echo in your hear, leaving you shaking. Be afraid reader, be very afraid. The album feels like the end of the world, but you don’t care for the world ending. You just want to sit inyour own corner of this world and listen to this amazing record.

Last year’s release The Grime And The Glow is just as eerie. Think Bat For Lashes versus the worst nightmare you could possibly imagine having. It’s a beautiful record, and one that was highly underrated last year. Such a shame. Something takes over you as you listen to her music. What happens is, her music sinks deep into your soul and wraps itself around your heart. It becomes part of you. Her music stays with you through all that you do. It stalks your mind.

The piano on the track, Benjamin has a wintery feel to it. It sends shivers down your spine. Your body becomes cold. It’s a flawless song. Personally, I feel Fang is the stand-out track from last year’s release.

If her album was a season, it would be Winter. Cold and unapologetic. She is such a brilliant artist that for the life of me, cannot understand why she isn’t massive. She has a sound that you want to listen to as you take a walk on those early, dark, cold nights. Her voice will haunt you. Her music will send you floating. If you’re looking to be moved by something, then invest in Chelsea Wolfe’s music.