Everyone has a type that they favour. Music, attraction, film-whatever. Sometimes it’s pointed out by others, but for the most part I guess we’re aware. I favour certain kinds of music above others. If it’s noisy and sounds like someone forgot to knock down the feedback- I’ll probably be into it. The more distorted something sounds, the more I’ll probably like it. It comes from a very early obsession with The Cure and The Jesus And Mary Chain which has stayed with me well into adulthood. Some bands however, do sound like a blatant rip-off, but others do it in a more subtle way. Some even sound like they were around when Psychocandy first came out. As time drags on, because it does, bands get louder.

Broken Soundtracks are loud. I could probably play them louder than I am but I’m a caring housemate and a decent neighbour- I don’t want to annoy anybody. Broken Soundtracks are a bloody great band based in London who fit every ideal I have of a band. They’re loud, probably influenced by bands that own pieces of my heart and they sound like they should be heard in a dirty basement bar. The best ones have this feeling about them, and Broken Soundtracks are nothing short of great.

There’s something quite decadent and sleazey about their sound. Think New York Dolls mixed with Richard Hell, and you’ve got it. Some of their songs do have a heavy reverb sound but others have 70s New York glam about them- the fact that they can mess around with different styles and be one of the most unique bands around is what,for me, makes them so easy to love.

Without sounding like a cliched fool, the music that Broken Soundtracks make is entirely experimental. They take different elements and have made (and make) their own noise. This is a band that really don’t need to worry about who does and who doesn’t like their sound. You can tell that they make music for THEM. Those are the kind of musicians that I enjoy. The true rebels who will make it their way, on their own terms. That’s pretty much how we all should be, but very few have the guts to go along and do it. Time isn’t always your friend.

Quite a number of bands I listen to are the kind that need to be seen live to really get the sound, and I’m fairly sure that Broken Soundtracks are one of those bands. I think the sheer loudness in their sound becomes greater when you see them in a live setting.Maybe this is the kind of band Johnny Thunders would be into if he was still around. I’m not the only one who wishes he was still here, but that’s a different story.

I always have a hard time trying to work out what kind of music is typical of its genre. What is typically Pop? Or Rock? Who is to judge? We’re all guilty of it. I’m sure some would love to try work out what Broken Soundtracks are. I personally can’t, but that’s because I hate labeling whatever I listen to. I’ve got two categories- what I like and what I don’t like. It’s fairly easy. Sure I have a lot of time on my hands, but I’d never try break it down to a genre. But at the very heart of it, it will always be Punk. Broken Soundtracks have the makings of a great Rock and Roll band- sorry for the genre, but it keeps some people happy to have a label I guess. They’ve picked up where some of the greats left off. Just listen to their cover of Waiting For My Man, and you’ll know. They may be a relatively new band, but nothing about them sounds like 2016. They sound like they’ve been back in time, lived through it and created something of their own. Perhaps that’s how it should be. I don’t know. All I know is that I’m a fan. I think that’s enough, right?

You can listen to most of their music here:

And here:

The band are playing the Roadkill Records launch party at the Lock Tavern on 5th March. The lineup is fantastic and I’m fairly sure it is free entry to the show. You know what to do.