Bowl Cut.

The best email I’ve received in a long time reads as follows :

“My mum fucking loves my music. She’s never listened to it though. But she loves me. Why am I telling you this? You wouldn’t care at all. It’s 12.30 am on a Monday, I should be in bed. This gum has lost its flavour.”

Short and to the point. Much like his music. Bowl Cut aka Curtis makes really short songs that frustrate you because they are really fucking incredible, but far too short. Short and bold. Like a dominating ninja. Not sure if that’s even possible. He possess the brave style of the Ramones mixed with the summer feel of Wavves. Basically, he’s bloody amazing.

He’s covered Kylie (Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, excellent cover) and his song, Ecstasy wonderfully reminds you of Last Nite by The Strokes. Curtis is only 17 years old, and he makes music that some artists older than him..well, they fail to make anything as great as this.

Australia is home to many fascinating musicians from Nick Cave to Royal Chant. And now, Bowl Cut. Bowl cuts aren’t good haircuts are they. But, this lad is a great musician. If this is the kind of music that is made out of boredom, then I hope Curtis stays bored for a while. Being young and bored is better than old and bored. At least when you’re young, you can get out. Then again, you can probably escape anytime. It’s just, not many know that do they? They’d much rather be trapped.

He’s got a couple of EPs up on his bandcamp page. Anti-Everything (good title) and Neighbours, which you can listen to here:

If you’ve got a good set of ears on you, you too will currently be hating all these Christmas songs that we are plagued with. So go listen to some noisy and passionate sounds. Go listen to Bowl Cut.