Alpines-Empire (video.)

16 05 2012

If Kate Bush had a musical baby with Siouxsie Sioux, and got a bit of Depeche Mode in on it too- they would create Alpines. A few months ago I finally got to see them live. I stood still for their set. I didn’t move. I was in some kind of trance. Thing is, when I listen to them normally, I have the same reaction. You know when you hear something and it just stops you in your tracks? Everything just stuns you. You cannot wrap your head around it all because it, and I loathe the word so much, but it has this epic feel to it. Thing is, I don’t mean it in that annoying way that people use that word. They’re use the ones that use “LOL” or “FTW” when they TALK to you, and all you can do is picture several ways to leave them with a bloody lip. I’m using the word epic in its truest form.

Alpines create music that has this very grand but dark feel to it. Most of their songs have this intense build-up. You think you know when it is coming, when the final throe occurs. But they catch you off guard. Alpines are EASILY one of the best duos around. You can put them right next to Beach House with regard to creating euphoric music that hits you in the SOUL. It goes deeper than hitting you in the pit of your gut and the depths of your heart. Your soul is captured by these sounds.

The video to Empire is wonderfully dramatic, much like the song. Dark ,eerie, big and takes over every single part of you.