Bass Drum Of Death.

I like music that is obnoxiously loud, bands that make you feel as if you are watching them rehearse. A true basement band. They have no fear, and they probably condone stage invasions. Bands that when you leave their show, you are covered in sweat and possibly a part of you is cut open, and bleeding. All that leaves a disgusted expression on another’s face leaves a smile on yours. Best way to be, right? Right. Sure.

I have a massive thing for bands that fall into the garage rock category. I’ve got hate for genres, but like most- I still give into them. I don’t mind admitting it. I hate it when people say, “Oh I’d never listen to R& is truly awful.” FUCK YOU. Have you EVER listened to D’Angelo or Jodeci? Don’t shun a genre you’ve never listened to. I don’t like people who are like that. I hate those kind of people, much like I hate olives and racism. There’s not need for music snobbery, olives or racism. And other things. If you want to know what I dislike and like- ask. I’ve got the time, but I guess you probably don’t.

I think I love garage rock bands because they make it okay for you to feel like an utter loser. Not that any of these artists are. Far from it. I mean really, they make it okay for you to feel utterly hopeless. If you have anything going for you, you may not love garage rock as hard as others may do. I think you truly have to have hit rock bottom at some point in order to truly get their despair, rage, dissatifaction and frustration. If you’re utterly content with life, then good luck with that. Personally, I find never being satisfied and knowing there is something better one of the very few things that gets me out of bed (even if I do return for a nap a couple of hours later.) I don’t have any shame in admitting I feel useless, probably because I am. I know what I am, but do you? Anyway, I’ve found a band that make it all alright. That make me want to kick an empty pop can around the street and sing along to their songs because I truly feel it.

Bass Drum Of Death. Three lads who make music that’ll melt your heart and face. Three strapping young lads who beat the shit out of their instruments (musical ones, calm down groupies.) They’re just a band that with first listen, I knew I had found a band that evoke summer sadness and a constant wave of being unsatisfied. I look for kindred spirits in music, I seem to have found it in Bass Drum Of Death. Sure I really love the band’s name, but their music. My god. Alright here’s the thing, I want everything to make me feel like I am listening to The Jesus And Mary Chain and The Cure for the first time. Am I getting that vibe from Bass Drum Of Death? Hell yeah! I wouldn’t write about them if my love wasn’t that strong. If I just casually liked them, I’d probably make reference to them at some point. But this is genuine love right here. This is, “I WANT YOU GUYS TO COME BACK TO THE UK SO I CAN BUY YOU A DRINK FOR JUST BEING FUCKING INCREDIBLE” kind of love. The kind of love that makes me seem strange. Have you seen Almost Famous? I’m William Miller. (I’m not, my name is Olivia. Nice to meet you.)

Bass Drum Of Death make it bloody impossible for me to pick a song that I love the most. They make me so happy, think my heart’s going to burst. Or I may just have their music on super loud and the vibrations are spreading (calm down now!) They just make you feel like nothing really matters. You had a shit day? Fuck it, who cares? Nothing is ever perfect. No two days are the same. It’s alright. They make it okay for you feel like you’re at a loss. Their distorted and fuzzy sound comforts you in the most wonderful way. Their debut LP dropped last year, and I reckon it was one of the most underrated records of last year. It seems everything good about music last year was ignored a bit. Always the way isn’t it. Feed shit to the masses, those who know better seek pleasures elsewhere.

They have an amazing big drum feel to their sound. This is pretty evident on the track Spare Room. I’ve got a lot of loved reserved for that song. GB City is an incredible record. The more I listen to it, the more amazed I am that this is a debut record. It sounds like something a band who have been making music for decades would make. That’s when you know you have found a band that are going to be making GOOD music for many years to come. The kind of band that live and breathe what they do. They play with such passion, to not connect with this..well, I feel bad for you. You’re missing out.

They’ve recently finished a tour of Europe and are currently ripping the States to pieces with another favourite of mine, DZ Deathrays. Dream lineup? No doubt.

Oh, and they’re another band that back up my theory that duos are the best!