When two bands you are a fan of or when two musicians you like make music together, it’s always a good thing (I’m sure there are shit ones, but it’s important to be nice.) You can hear both sides. You can hear each band’s influences and you can pin point signature sounds in some of them.

There’s a chap from Derry called Christian. He has a band called Autumns. I’ve written about him loads because he’s bloody good. He’s better than good. He’s an Irish version of Dirty Beaches. One guy making a load of noise in the best way possible. He’s made a 3 track cassette with Phil from equally brilliant Girls Names. If you’re a fan of both bands, you’ll love this. Or if you ever wondered what would happen if Kraftwerk stayed awake for 24 hours straight and dropped acid, this is what they would sound like.

Gross Net are an ideal “super band.” This is from a selfish point of view, obviously, because I like them. The three track tape isn’t enough, but for now it’s all we have. That’s why the repeat/back button was invented. For bands like this who simply make you want to play their music on a loop.

The EP was recorded in a dark and damp space in just a day. The EP touches on subjects such as  idiots in the arts who think they are better than everyone else (shut up you elitist twit) to surviving the recession. Listen super carefully and you’ll pick up on it. Wrong Place Wrong Time is a euphoric gem with less tension than the others, but the EP is just simply wonderful anyway.

At the moment they’re making noise and causing riots (possibly a lie) all over Northern Ireland and Dublin. If anyone can bring these guys to the UK, then please do.

Their self-titled EP will be released via  Art For Blind as a limited edition tape and you can listen to it here:

This EP crept out late last year and should not be ignored. The tracks just capture how they are live (check out the YouTube clips of their separate bands and of Gross Net.) Loud, brutally dark and unlike anything else. If you think Ireland doesn’t have a solid music scene, then you thought wrong.

September Girls-Talking EP.


To merge Garage Rock with the Wall of Sound is something that I pretty much have a weakness for. I say weakness, but that’s not the word I want to use. But I am being lazy. It’s irrelevant.

The best Irish band EVER; September Girls released their Talking EP on Monday. It is bloody excellent. I love them. Genuine love for them. They have this haunting sound surrounding their music, but the ethereal vocals add something quite delicate to the music. They aren’t as rambunctious as a lot of bands who make music similar to this, but something about their music is quite tough. Go find yourself a leather jacket (a fake one obviously..or maybe just for me. I don’t eat/wear animals. Each to their own.) and bop around to this EP as freely as you wish.

Talking has quite an eerie vibe about it. Sort of like a tamer version of The Creeping Ivies. The b-side to Talking is Some For Me which has a gorgeous summer feel to it. Their debut record is hopefully going to come out this summer, probably going to be one of the best things you hear. Past releases by this Dublin 5-piece have been just exquisite, and the Talking EP is just as perfect. The little break down in Some For Me which happens around 2.08 then the drums kick in, it’s a beautiful moment. The vocals start again and you are transported towards something simply stunning. The vocals on both tracks have a glorious distorted sound. Jack White has The Black Belles. Well, we have September Girls. I love both bands, but we win really don’t we.

They make music that is pleasurably catchy. Having their songs stuck in your head all day is a small piece of heaven; unlike having something by some generic and mundane pop band. This is music with a lot of power and the ability to make you cause some kind of riot. But..maybe do that internally or just go throw your limbs about in some sweaty basement bar.

The EP is out on Art For Blind and you can purchase it here now: