When I went to Uni in 2006 (I feel old typing that..shit) I pretty much followed the band Gossip up and down the UK on every tour they did between 2006-2008. All my records and posters got signed, handshakes and kisses, tears and hospital trips (I got a bit excited during a few shows, banged my hand on the barrier for a LONG time and my hand had swollen up the size of about 3 melons. Not good, much fun though. I’d do it again..I still do, sometimes.) I adored them. They were my life way before I went to Uni, but this was the only time I was able to see them live. They made me feel at ease with my sexuality, and honestly- if it wasn’t for them I’d be another homosexual in the closet. That isn’t living. Not at all. Every gig I went to made me feel alive, like I was part of something. I was at the front and sang (if you can call it that) as loudly as I could.

It wasn’t just Gossip that blew me away with their live show. Their support act in my eyes, was just as mesmirising as them.

Comanechi were the band I saw support Gossip the very first time I went to a Gossip show. There was just two of them. Simon on guitar and Akiko on drums and vocals. I’m always fascinated by drummers that sing. They probably work harder than most, especially live. Just two of them making this brutal noise. I can’t remember how the crowd felt about them, but I was in love. Maybe because a really hot girl was on drums singing a song about being naked, and I just thought it was the most incredible thing ever.

I bought their EP straight away. I think I told Akiko I loved her or something terribly embarrassing. They became as important as Gossip to me. On some other shows, Akiko would play with her other band Pre. Which you must also go listen to. Comanechi and Pre are both as brutal and as loud as each other.

Alright. Comanechi make music that is loud enough to tear a layer of skin off your face. It is played with such force. You don’t know if you are angry, aroused, hyped up or just in some weird trance. There’s no point in trying to figure it out. Just go with it.

Their songs are short, in your face and noisy. I loved them then, and I love them now. They’ve got a new single out called Major Move on Monday. Be kind and pre-order it here :

They have a Punk attitude and play like a Death Metal band. It works. It really works.

aggressive, rowdy and lucid. They deserve to be absolutely huge.

They’re two musicians who I believe are so underrated. By rights this is the kind of music that should be blowing up the airwaves. If you love them, treasure them. Please.