I’ve laid off writing because I’ve torn the tendon in my shoulder, and I’m in pain. A lot of pain but I’ve put this one off for far too long. I’ve been in need of writing about Wallows for the past two years. First listen back then, I knew I was listening to something gorgeous. Now they’re fast approaching the release of their debut record, I guess now is a good time to unleash my love and admiration for them.

I love Wallows because every song I’ve heard so far is just perfect. They make you feel like you’re on holiday, they make feel so carefree and alright. This band makes me really happy, and I’ve only got a few bands that give me this feeling. I love Dylan and Braeden’s vocals so much. I love how they are both delicate yet tough. Wallows have been together for quite some time, and I really like how you can pick up on this because their sound is so together. You can really how focused they are, and how they have this passion in their sound that just makes you fall in love with them.

Their lyrics have this sadness in some of their songs- it’ll remind you of The Cure in a way, and they do it in such a poetic way. Their songs are so captivating, and so easy to relate to. They make you want to waste your days watching the sunset at the beach, with their beautiful music playing. Recently I’ve been solidly listening to Wallows. They just give me this calm feeling that I guess most would get from meditation. Wallows make you zone out and feel like you’re in a constant state of euphoria.

I need to get my love for their newest song, Scrawny out there. The lyrics are easily my favourite of the year. I know it’s only March but my god these lyrics are every level of perfect. Dylan’s vocals on this one are my favourite to date. He hits certain notes, and it goes so well with the way Cole carries the rhythm along with Braeden- all three of them have this ability to just make you zone out with what they do, and just soothe the mind. Scrawny just may be my favourite song of the year. The lyrics are incredible, and I absolutely adore the line, “I can still have wisdom and look like a child.”  As someone who looks like they could pass for a teen still, I can wholeheartedly relate to this line. It’s the kind of lyric you’d want tattooed on you. It sounds simple, but there is so much in that line that makes you see just how brilliant the band are. Much like Morrissey, they have this way of hitting you with one-liners that just stick with you. As someone who is obsessed with lyrics, Scrawny just gives me everything I want. It’s straight-up poetry.

Let The Sun In shows us just how gentle Braeden’s voice is. What I love about Dylan and Braeden’s vocals  is that they are so distinctive. Wallows sound like no one else I’ve ever heard, but they have this wonderful L.A. feel to their sound. They just have that gorgeous summer feel flowing throughout their songs- even the slightly sadder ones. The trumpets on Let The Sun In make you so happy. For me, Braeden’s vocals have a 60s feel to it, and they are beautifully married with Dylan’s contemporary sound. I know what I mean by this, I just how it comes across the way I want. Basically, their vocals are totally different and go so well together. It’s Only Right is a perfect example of this also. Wallows make beautiful music that you can’t help but sing a long to.

There’s a verse on It’s Only Right that just hits you pretty hard; “I hear you talk, when you’re not there. It comes at me from everywhere. Can you lose the rest of me, and take my mind away?” The song is nothing short of divine, but this part for some reason gets me every single time. This song does, and I have no idea why. It has this heightened instrumental ending that reminds me slightly of Beach House. I could write about Wallows forever and not get bored. I’d always find something new to say, and something different to love.

Aside from writing perfect songs; Cole, Braeden and Dylan have this brilliant way of taking you back in time and also catapulting you way into the future. I’m so confident that their debut record is going to be nothing short of incredible. I just really, really love Wallows. I love their dreamy sound, I love their poignant lyrics, I love how they make you feel they wrote the songs for you. I love how Cole has this relaxed drum style. I love Braeden’s calming vocals. I love the way Dylan delivers certain lines on songs. Together, they just make the kind of music I am always looking for. They ease every terror in my mind, they ease the panic attacks and calm down the aftermath. You want to live inside these songs. They wrap you up, and make you feel safe.

Before I conclude this, I need to talk about the purity of Are You Bored Yet? which features the wonderful, Clairo. Her voice with Dylan’s is just a pleasure to listen to. The song is full of sadness, but also hope. The hope in this song is so pure and innocent. I adore the line, “Will you tell the truth so I don’t have to lie?” Instrumentally, it is definitely one of their finest songs. It shows a different side to the band, but also gives you that sensitive side that you cannot help but fall in love with.

Their debut record, Nothing Happens is released on 22nd March.

Also, check out their covers of This Charming Man:


And, Boys Don’t Cry:

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