There is so much I can write about Anna Calvi and still never feel it is enough. She is one of those artists that creates continuous masterpieces and for me, is just up there with my holy trinity- Nick Cave, Patti Smith and Leonard Cohen. She paints the world in a way that is so relatable. In a way that is full of passion, eeriness, brutal truths and seductive poetry. She is someone you’d want to be in the presence of constantly singing these glorious songs and annihilating her guitar right before you. I’ve loved her for so long, and she blows my mind every single time I hear her voice and every single time I read her lyrics, which give off the same darkness and rawness that is found in Poe. She’s out of this world, and she’s shown this again on her new song, Hunter.

What I adore about Anna is that she challenges all that is expected, she goes against what is boringly typical. She is fascinating to listen to, and I just have to see her on her tour in October because I’ve been waiting years and years to see her. I want to be right at the front, and gaze in awe at her as she unleashes hell with her voice and guitar.

Hunter starts with the wonderful line, “I dress myself in leather.” Straight away you know something is going to happen in this song that you’ve not felt or heard before. It is has a brilliant sinister feel to it, but the softness of her voice in this song balances out the fear. I’ve always found such comfort in Anna’s music. We always search for something or someone to relate to in music, and I remember when I first heard Jezebel in 2010. It was over for me. I get goosebumps now just thinking about it. She has this sacred feel to her music, and for me, she is all I want from a singer and a songwriter. I know that Nick Cave is the one person I’d love to sit down and talk about their words and music with, but my god she is joint first with him.

Hunter explores what is constantly ignored or deemed as inappropriate. Anna challenges this lame norms: “I wanted simplicity, I wanted something quietly brave, quietly defiant. I wanted there to be intimacy. I wanted to find a place between beauty and ugliness.” There is so much beauty and intimacy in her music, and Hunter truly captures her ability to do so in all its glory. I’m so excited for her new record (which is also called Hunter) and for the journey she takes us all on with these songs. Hunter allows you to feel as if you’ve stepped into something you haven’t experienced before. She shows you this form of freedom that others try to steer us away from. If you cannot be free in your mind, sexuality and gender- what’s the point?


Hunter is a wonderfully tender song that you cannot help but connect with. With this song, Anna eases any doubts in a persons mind to explore and find out who they are. It is a safety net. To sum it all up perfectly, Anna says: “Hunter is about exploring one’s pleasure in all possible ways, free from any shame. It’s about finding a safe space where this is welcomed and supported.” Wherever this safe space may be, never let anyone take it from you.

Hunter will be released on 31st August via Domino Record co.

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