As I have slept for most of the day (I went to the gym so I could say I did leave the house) I wanted to write about a band that leave you in a sleepy/dreamy state. Not as relaxed as Beach House but not as loud as My Bloody Valentine. Something in the middle, swaying to either side- depending on which song tugs at your heartstrings and ears the most.

Vadaat Charigim sing in Hebrew. I don’t understand Hebrew but I know I love the music, and it sounds beautiful with the music. It works. It works really, really well. But why wouldn’t it? From what I have read about the band, there is a lot of frustration, truth and questioning in their songs. The desire to escape. Something which I have been feeling for a long time. I’ll get the guts so I can get out of this destructive rut, but right now I have nothing. Which is why I guess I cling onto things like finding some hope and understanding in music- regardless of the language it is sung in. That’s the power and beauty of music- there are no boundaries. That’s how any form of art should be. So long as it is honest- that’s all that matters.

As I don’t understand the lyrics, I find other things to love about Vadaat Charigim. Lyrics are a huge thing for me, but with this band I find it so easy to love every part of their music. The vocals have this gorgeous vulnerability to them and irrespective of not being able to understand the lyrics, you do pick up on where the frustrations within the song lies. You can pick up on moments of despair, loss and joy. The songs are a wealth of emotions and for a band to allow you to feel them with one obvious barrier- that makes them worthy of more respect than your average.

For me Vadaat Charigim capture the early sounds of Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and Swervedriver. The gentle sounds and the sheer delicate vocals make Vadaat Charigim such an easy band to fall in love with. The soothing tones and the way the guitar has this constant hypnotic groove going on just makes you feel like you’re floating above everything and everyone. You feel like you’ve escaped to this world where everything is gentle and secure- the total opposite of real life. There is nothing wrong with needing this form of escapism, and I really wouldn’t trust anyone who didn’t seek that feeling out from time to time at all. We all need it, regardless of how tough you claim to be. Just like your mind wander off wherever it feels like when you listen. Just go with it.

I think their latest release may have been Sinking As A Stone which came out last year. The songs are comforting but heavy at times. The heaviness hits in all the right places and comes mainly from the drums, with the guitar intertwining with it all. The vocals as mentioned, are gentle. They feel like a peacemaker amongst the riots in the songs.  Vadaat Charigim are the ideal band to listen to through headphones and zone out to. They take you some place truly magical and although the topics in the songs can be quite intense, you find other parts of the songs to ease it all. The band have been quoted stating that some of their songs are about being stuck. I guess by knowing this, I have found the right band at the right time.

The band are playing a free show tomorrow night at the Shacklewell Arms.

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