A couple of weeks ago, myself and a good friend had our night at Aces & Eights. This is about one of the bands I asked to play after hearing a clip on their soundcloud page. A live recording that was enough for me to know I had to ask them before someone else got in there first and took them from my reach. Obviously, they could have said no after I asked but fortunately they didn’t. One song was all it took for me to know they’d fast become my favourite new band, and I hoped anyone who came to our night knew that they had witnessed a band that are most definitely going to do special things. Let’s not class the singer chipping her tooth on the mic at our night, mind!

The Cold Bones are everything my mind, body and soul looks for in music. It’s always a sold that I love listening to music that’s a bit dark and close to the knife edge of emotion. I need something that’s unapologetically brutal, loud and raw. Something that does something to the heart which makes the mind cloud its judgment. I got all this from one song, and now we have a couple more to go on. You see, it really does take a lot of me to truly love a piece of music or a band. I need to find something. This “something” leaves me stumped, and I can’t think of the words yet I still know I have to write about them. This is what The Cold Bones have done.

You can currently listen to (and buy) two new tracks on their bandcamp page here:

Their songs make you feel as if you’re walking through a misty street, you can’t see anything around you and the sheer romanticism of this is elevated in these songs. Their sound is truly unlike anything I’ve heard in a long, long time. For a band to have this grip on what they’re about with just a handful of songs for us to listen to is nothing short of commendable. I remember them playing How You Spend Your Time at our night, and I was transfixed. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the stage. If they just played that song over and over for half an hour, I’d probably have been the happiest person in the room. I absolutely adore how sinister it sounds and how you cannot tear yourself away from what you’re hearing. It’s so passionately eerie, and you feel like someone is creeping up on you- telling you that they know what you’ve been up to. You can’t fight it off this time.

I love when a band or a song can make you feel as if you’re anywhere but where you are. I could be in the murky depths of 1984 wandering through a grey street in Berlin or I could be here, now. I could be anywhere listening to The Cold Bones. I could be in those places I mentioned. Anywhere is possible, and when a band give you that feeling, I think that’s when you’ve found something that you cannot help but treasure. I know I constantly mention that if I was in a band I’d want to sound like…. but when I listen to The Cold Bones, I really do hear something truly magnificent and I hope that they one day become a band that influence others to make music. I, hand on heart, cannot praise them enough. Their live shows are incredible and they posses a sound many take decades to figure out. They’re a pleasure to listen to and to watch, and are easily one of the best new bands around.

They are playing the Dublin Castle on 16th June. Let’s all go and drink whisky & ginger together!

Artwork at the top is by Ali Gibson.

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