“I never done good things
I never done bad things
I never did anything out of the blue.”

Loss is something we all have to eventually deal with. It can come in different forms, but it hurts. It doesn’t matter if it is a relative, a pet or a musician you idolised. I’ve cried over musicians dying more than I can count. I cried over Aaliyah, John Peel, Amy Winehouse,Joey Ramone and Lou Rees dying. I didn’t cry when my dad died. Why? Many reasons, but the main one being that music was and is my crutch. Those mentioned have been a vital part in shaping me, helping me become whoever and whatever I am today. It can change but music is a solid.

Like anyone with ears and a heart, I’m fucking upset about David Bowie dying. Just like Lou, he was meant to outlive us all. But like Lou, he was from somewhere else that humans don’t tread. However, I feel like a fraud for being upset. I was never a big fan of Bowie’s. I don’t own any of his records but I hand on heart, regard him as a genius. I don’t know why I’m not a huge fan like everyone else. We throw around the term “genius” far too often and sometimes, we use it way out of context and in a few months time regret our choice of words. This cannot be said about David. I was never drawn to his music completely but I was fascinated with his sense of style, his face, the way he explored who he was and made it alright for us misfits to not fit in. He made it completely and utterly alright for us to be a bit odd. Why would you want to be like everyone else anyway? I’m not one for wanting children at all, that doesn’t appeal to me. Even more so now because why would you want to bring a child into the world with no Lou Reed and no David Bowie? There’s really no point.


Everyone has a record that changed their life and somehow made them who they are/showed them how to accept themselves. For me, Transformer by Lou Reed is that record. I listened to Satellite Of Love on my journey to work today. I just wanted to hear David’s voice on it because it is truly one of the greatest things to happen to music. The record is perfect from start to finish and the production is flawless. David’s voice on Satellite Of Love takes you further than Lou. He hits those high notes and you’re unsure of what is happening to you, so you keep on hitting repeat. It’s the one moment on that record where you take your attention away from Lou. Sorry Lou, I’m sure you understand. His work on The Idiot by Iggy Pop is phenomenal. I fell for the producer in him, he could do no wrong and he projected his genius onto others- especially in these two records. Two records that captured Berlin perfectly. Two records that made outcasts feel just fine with themselves.



We all have that one singer or band that become our piece of solitude, our safety net. For so many, David Bowie was understandably theirs. He had no boundaries with his words but you can tell a lot of thought and care went into them. He felt accessible but you knew that he was not human. He was made of something else. Something that no other has ever or will ever possess. He made you see the world in an almost innocent way. Child-like in a way. His honesty, his sensitivity and care in his words could comfort anybody. The world is better because of him but we’re all a little lost because he’s no longer here.
We don’t say goodbye to people like David Bowie. We simply wish them goodnight and a safe,peaceful journey as they make their way onto some place else. There’s another life for him, you, me, everyone. He’s just gone there before us.

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