Possessing a bloody excellent name for a band, you immediately think you’re going to listen to a band with a dirty (not in a porn sense) and rugged sound. You expect something quite menacing and unruly. Chaotic yet easy on the ears. If this band was a woman, I’d date her. Or you know, I’d stare awkwardly in her direction then wander off because I didn’t feel adequate enough. That’s a bit extreme but Dry Heeves are fucking perfect and I’ll try unleash a coherent reasoning behind this notion.

For me, I can only seem to listen to music that makes me feel something a person (regardless of who they are) can’t. Music always should give you a heightened feeling. This sense of elation is sacred and can’t always be felt and you should by no means ever try to force it. Dry Heeves make it easy. They are all fearless bands who evidently don’t care what anyone thinks. They’ve got their own sound and their own way of doing it. For me, that’s how it should be. They have a true essence of Punk about them. Sure enough they sound like a typical band I’d be into, but don’t let that trick you into thinking you’ve heard it all before- because you haven’t. Their sound is part smack in the face, part swaying on your lonesome in your bedroom to the easy grooves. Some may deem it as far too simplistic, but I just think they’re a bunch of guys who know what they are doing and know how they want to sound.

I think they’re still a relatively new band but they make you feel like you’ve known about them forever. As I listen to them, I just feel like I’m meeting up with a friend that I’ve not seen in ages. Sure they sound rambunctious but they feel familiar, as if they’ve always been there. I guess it is like meeting your soulmate. This is getting far too soppy now. They make you want to break stuff too. In reality, you’ll probably break some bones as you lob your body about in time to the drums and thrash to the guitar in crucial moments. There’s an element of urgency and such passion in their music that makes you immediately become their biggest fan. I won’t fight you for that title- no part of me is competitive. Do what you want, pal. I don’t care.

Their record, Boogie Till Ya Puke came out last year, and myself included, failed to acknowledge it at the time for being so great. I was too busy playing The Other I by my beloved 2:54 on repeat. I’ve tried to tame that, but I can’t but it’s alright. Boogie Till Ya Puke is not only wonderfully titled, it is also a bloody great record. You feel like you’re listening to something that has been around for decades. I know some would label it as as “fun” record but calling anything/anyone fun or nice is just weak. Language is there to be used in all its glory- don’t settle for mediocre spiel!

Boogie Till Ya Puke is a record that I sincerely hope in 10 years from now, some kid in the middle of nowhere gets hold of, skips town and starts their own movement. Or they could do it now, that’s fine. What I’m getting at is that this record and this band have their own approach and it’s not something that should be overlooked in any way. I could be alone in my praise but I don’t care. I love this band a hell of a lot and if they ever make it to the UK, I’ll be at the front boogying until I puke.


Listen: https://dryheeves.bandcamp.com/

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