AUTUMNS -Blonde (EP)



The best musicians are the ones that are fearless. The ones that play a little louder than most, the ones who play until a part of them bleeds, the ones that MAKE you believe in what they are saying. The ones that feel like an old pair of boots that you placed aside when you were forced into buying new ones. The best ones make you feel uncomfortable too, like a new pair of boots.

Autumns are a mighty fine Derry band. If you’ve listened to them prior to the Blonde EP you’ll have been familiar with Christian’s distorted sound. A sound that me love his music instantly. It felt like you were creeping into a secluded world. You daren’t tell anyone anything. Keeping up with this sacred feel, the Blonde EP is clearer and bloody hell he’s got a strong voice. Think along the lines of Orange Juice meets Dead Boys meets something completely else that none of us have heard before.

These four tracks smack you so wonderfully between the eyes, they shake you and wake you up. Every song shows the potential that Christian has, and I am so so proud of what he has done with Autumns. I’ve said this every time I write about him, but he does remind me of Alex Zhang Hungtai (Dirty Beaches/Last Lizard.) One person making a load of noise that just HAS to be heard because it is phenomenal.

I Can See Them Looking At Me feels like it should be featured in some sadistic black and white film. It’s brilliantly creepy and sinister, everything you should want from music. Bands like Autumns are exactly why I want to write about music. I don’t care for doing anything else. They heighten something inside, and things like that do not happen often. Today in London it is damp, dreary and dull; the perfect soundtrack for this is the Autumns EP. Escape somewhere else or stay where you are. Play it so loud the neighbours ask you for a copy. Through your body around to the jangly guitars and furious drums. It’ll start making sense.

Blonde leaves you wanting more from Autumns. Not in a sense of wanting more and more songs, but in a way of just wanting to hear what’s going to happen next. Knowing how the sound has changed and more clarity with Christian’s vocals (which is a very good thing) you can’t help but know that this band are definitely something special. I did one of Christian’s first interviews last year/the year before, and it was so obvious that he’s not making music that should be ignored. He’s making music that feels like a punch to the gut and a jolt to the body. An electric shock making its way through you and when it gets to the crucial point, that is when you know.

You can stream and buy the Blonde EP here:

Also if you’re in Derry/nearby then go this show on the 27th February;

2 thoughts on “AUTUMNS -Blonde (EP)

  1. Autumns remind me of the “Sound of young Scotland”, the Postcard era of the early 80’s, and especially the distinctive guitar work of early Josef K. Will definitely check them out!

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