AUTUMNS- Je Veux Être



When a band/singer changes their sound, it can either be utterly shite or something really bloody great. Fortunately, Autumns are super good and have made something ridiculously good.

I’ve written loads about Autumns since being sent their music possibly a year and a bit ago. I loved how Christian was basically a one-man band, and he reminded me so much of Dirty Beaches. The fury in his music and its cinematic feel was something I really enjoyed and became obsessed with. The new sound is equally as important and a little louder. Loud is good, musically.

Je Veux Être sounds like something Orange Juice would have probably come out with. It’s a brilliant short and punchy number (Ramones did it, many tried to copy but ballsed it up) and it’s the only thing I’ve been listening to for the past half hour. As someone with a questionable (or even non-existent at times) attention span, Je Veux Être is just perfect. It’s a wonderful build up brewing within the last minute and suddenly the last 30 seconds is nothing short of a beautiful fuzzy noise that makes you want to turn it up some more. I had every intention of writing my “Lyrics of 2014” piece, but Autumns distracted me and that’s really okay. I need to give it some more thought anyway.

Autumns are Derry’s finest, and someone somewhere needs to find the funds to bring them to the UK. Easily one of the most exciting bands around who I’m just so bloody proud of. I can hear a few bands I love sifting through the new Autumns sound, and it’s just so good. Christian’s voice is one I really love, and I’m fairly sure their EP (out in February) will be one of the year’s finest moment.

The EP, titled The Blonde EP will be a limited 7″ release out in February.

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