I keep getting emailed Christian Rap, I’m not sure why it keeps happening. I’m not even sure the good Lord himself (none of us know if he’s real so…) would enjoy it. Maybe he would tell them to just stop. I can’t, as that would be rude. For everything in life, there is the wonderful delights of the DELETE button. I suppose with the band I’m going to write about now may wake up some more religious rappers to come my way. I sincerely hope not.

Before I get into writing about Prayers, I just need to vent something. Yesterday I watched Fat White Family’s Glastonbury set on telly and was appalled that nobody watching them moved or lost their mind to them. You’ve got the saviors of the UK Rock & Roll scene up there and all you can do is look at your phone in the hopes your mum has text you to tell you that she loves you, just so you have something to reply to. It’s really sad. Fat Whites are evidently THE most exciting band around in this country. From their Punk-esque sounds to their dislike for clothes and stripping off mid-set is a breath of fresh air. I feel like I am in the 70s experiencing Punk for the first time. Fat Whites are what The Stooges were, easily.  They’ve got that real Punk attitude and feel to their music. And I guess if you didn’t like Punk (what is wrong with you?!) you probably aren’t going to see the appeal of Fat Whites which is a shame because they are the best band in this country. And don’t you dare say the nudity puts you off, the world doesn’t need any more prudes! Go listen to them.

So now I’ll talk about Prayers.

With the sky immediately turning to a questionable shade of grey outside and months of rain falling out of the sky, Prayers are pretty much  the most apt band I can listen to right now. I know NOTHING about the band, and I’m alright with that. We don’t need to know if the singer likes pizza or not, or his shoe size. All we need to know is just how good the music. So in short, Prayers are fucking awesome. But they deserve more than just a piddly sentence.

Prayers have that dark synth sound that is found in my beloved Cold Cave. I think it’s obvious how much I love Cold Cave and how much I adore Wes’ way with words. Prayers are really really close to that. Their subject matters are menacing, the music is eerie and the general atmosphere in their music is tense. Really really tense. To the point where you think you’re on some questionable trip as you listen to them. This is the kind of stuff I love. There’s a time and a place for songs about falling in love and gazing at the sunset, and that place is not in my record collection. Prayers are a real gnarly band with the ability to shut anyone up who listens to them. They’re calling out for something, I’m not sure what but I can’t stop listening. In the UK we have a brilliant band called Natural Assembly, who have got a similar sound going on. It’s just a real pleasure to listen to. On repeat. Constantly. Rafael Reyes is your new savior kids.

Everyone is looking for that one song or one band that really move them, you know? You can easily find it in Prayers. There’s a deep, raw emotion lurking in their music that many struggle to pull out. Prayers do it so effortlessly. Prayers are the kind of band you go to see and just totally lose yourself in their songs. You chant the songs back to them as your sweat falls off your forehead onto the ground, other people’s drinks are mixed in with your sweat and you bump into other bodies as you sway in a trance-like fashion to the music. This band just wake you up, they do something to you. They truly do move you. I know they aren’t to everyone’s taste, but they are seriously good. They are made for sweaty basement bars at 1am when you are questioning yourself and everyone around you, but as the songs kick in like a morphine drip you stop caring and just fall into the brilliant sounds of Prayers.

If you’re at a loss or just want something to move you, then go listen to Prayers. Their SD Killwave release from last year was stupidly underrated, go repent your sins and invest in it now

3 thoughts on “PRAYERS.

    • Haha let me know what you think! Don’t let the nudity put you off..although, it was pretty tame. The BBC probably had words with them, typical! x

  1. Thank you we are humbled and in love by Your support…. We are but a shadow to the light u bear together into the night of nights we go forth as light …. #PRAYERS

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