If a band can make your mind feel polluted and dirty like The Jesus And Mary Chain did, then you know you’ve found a band worth clinging onto. If a band can make you feel as if something is crawling in your brain and trying to get out, turning you into an angsty/irritated mess, then again you have found something to grip onto. Bands like this don’t happen often, especially now and I really should have written about this band a few years ago, but like a dumbass- I forgot. I forget a lot of things, so I’m sorry. I can make up for it now.

Young Boys are an incredible band from New York. Their lust filled, fuzzy songs are what my record collection pines for on a daily basis. They are the kind of band you want to see in a sleazy basement bar, and you leave you are covered in sweat that isn’t yours and you smell of drinks that never touched your trembling lips. Young Boys are the soundtrack to the most sadistic dreams and thoughts you have ever had. They allow you feel something truly dark, and they don’t make you feel bad for feeling it.

They are a band you can imagine that when you see them live, some form of riot will ensue. They are usually the best shows; when your body feels as if something or someone has smacked into it a dozen times and left you wanting more of this fuzzy stuff in your eyes and seeping out to your toes until you feel alive and totally wired. That’s when you know you’ve had a pleasurable outer-body experience. Young Boys thrust upon you decadent feelings and the ability to just launch your body into the nearest wall, just in search of a feeling. But what is in a feeling? If it feels good, someone is gong to tell you it is bad. You tell them to shut up and you play them something by Young Boys.

I’ve cared about Young Boys music for some time now, and I’ve made several attempts to write something about them but always deleted it and left it alone. I don’t understand why now at 10.15pm is the right time to unleash my feelings and thoughts towards their music, but it is better than not doing so.

Their debut record, New York Sun is the kind of record you play whilst walking through the city in the blistering heat. Sure you may hate everything around you, but the pieces of the city that you love- you keep close to you. You don’t want anyone to know of the things you hold sacred. So you go to the spot where you feel at ease, and watch the world pass you by as you listen to this record. That’s probably one of the best ways to enjoy it. Another way of enjoying this record is to play it really fucking loud and flail your limbs about- in private or public. Don’t be shy, just do whatever you want to do when you listen to this record. New York Sun is a record full of dark lust and obscure thoughts. It’s all kinds of perfect with hints of weirdness. Young Boys go to that place where you and others are too scared to go. Ode To Me is a punishment for those who have done wrong. I think it’s my favourite off their record, but I’m more than likely going to change my mind because New York Sun is a brilliant record. A brilliant debut record.

Anyone who talks about this band is going to insist that if you love that Scottish band with two brothers in it, then you will love Young Boys. That’s just a lazy observation and makes me really hate my kind (music journalists) I just wish they would dig a bit deeper or you know, just stop with comparing bands to other bands. Young Boys feel how a New York based band should. There’s this brilliant haunting vibe about them that makes you feel something massively creepy is waiting for you, but when you turn around you realise it is just your mind. So, if you love music that teeters with your mind and just freaks you out- then Young Boys are for you.

Throw on your battered (fake) leather jacket, head out into the sun and feel something strange yet beautiful.

Listen to their gorgeous and depraved sounds right here:

This handsome band are coming for your soul.



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