I’ve always wished I was the person who could express their ideas clearly and make them happen. I wish I was the kind of person who had started their own record label and backed a load of bands that just wanted to be heard. Instead, I just write words about them instead. Maybe one day I’ll get it together, but I’m 27- I’m pretty sure I’m just too old to do that sort of thing. But, I know it is better to try and fail miserably than to just not bother at all.

There are some labels which I use to find new music, and have backed for quite some time now. From Sacred Bones to Art Fag to Soft Power; they all offer something that I am just excited to hear. They all champion the weird and wonderful, something which the airwaves are really too keen on, but they will be one day. They are like a specialised radio show at unholy o’clock.

A couple years ago I wrote about a band called Beach Skulls who are a feel-good summertime kind of band. They’re everything I love about music, and all I look for in a band. They’re on a label that really back music like this and they are Cheesus Crust Records. They are the sunshine amongst the typical dull English weather. They’re a label that aren’t afraid to put out music that is weird and wired. They’re just bloody brilliant.

A DIY ethic approach to music is something which I think should always be praised. The bands/singers on CCR aren’t afraid to be different and to make music that some may turn their nose up at. Hell, most turned their noses up at Punk and look at how influential and vital it became. CCR have a solid line up on their label. Ivan The Intolerable has something about Mark E Smith about him and Beach Skulls just make me wish I was in a band. Beach Skulls were the first band to release anything on CCR, and they really are a band that have a defining sound about them.

CCR is just one guy from the North of England who is passionate about music, and at the moment are just putting releases out on cassette. The bands they have are equally as passionate as music- it’s sort of infectious in a way. The bands they have are super talented and you know there is no compromising going on in order for them to make their music. Something which larger labels should probably take note of.

CCR have listed many reasons as to why cassette is such an important way of hearing music; and of course much like vinyl- the sound on cassette is nothing like what you hear on CD or MP3. It has a beautiful sound to it, much like vinyl. Vinyl has the crackling, cassette has a similar distinctive sound. Timeless and powerful, like your favourite song.

Cheesus Crust Records are the label that you would want to go to put your music out. They back the bands that need to be heard, and know exactly how to get them heard.

You can listen to their back catalogue right here:


*Artwork by Sian

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