Duos have a bond that isn’t found in bands that have say, 5 members. But when that duo is made up of two brothers, you know the bond will be deeper and may cause the sound to be a bit more intense. And also, their sound will probably be a bit more feral and fearless.

There’s a duo called Cassels who make fearless and brutal music. They are brothers Jim and Loz, and they are based in West London. See, East London isn’t necessarily where it is at. You’re just told to think it is. West London has a lot to offer. Give it a chance, give it a visit (just don’t go to that bloody shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon!)

Cassels (named after the psychiatric institution) music is bold and fuzzy. No bullshit guitar music that sticks one up to those who think guitar music is dead. But before I get into their music, I want to mention how inspiring these young guys are. Jim is 20 and Loz is 16. Jim ignored advice of his elders and moved to London after his A-Levels to do what he needed to do for Cassels. I’m all for people leaving their lives behind so they can achieve their dreams. I read this about them before I listened to their music, and I instantly became a fan. I hit play and this brilliant noise erupted. A glorious sound that is believable. Jim has a minimum wage job to fund the band. Let that sink in. Most bands like this HAVE to do this. They will one day be heard by all, I’m doing my bit because I believe in this band and I think they’re bloody excellent.

Their songs go deeper than a young mind should go, but when you hear their lyrics and start to see the world in their way again, this is what makes them believable and so so easy to be a fan. They’ve got the bite of Garage Rock which makes you want to play this so loud and they are unlike any band I’m currently listening to. They aren’t just a band that are “noisy” they are a two-piece riot who will soon be holding all your attention. What I love about the duos that I fawn over is that none of them sound alike. They are all different, and all justify why duos are the best. Something I really love about Cassels is how you can tell how much music means to them in just their two songs they have up. They left a quite place in Oxfordshire to make unapologetic noise in London. I can truly relate to being from somewhere quite and boring, and wanting more. You have to leave what you know behind and launch yourself into the unknown. Follow your heart, always.

At the moment there are only two songs up on their soundcloud page which you can listen to here: and you can also grab a free download of Our Faces On A Screen from the page. Do it, play it loud and get others turned on to this band.

Cassels have already supported exciting bands such as Best Friends and The Savage Nomads, and their fan-base in the capital is steadily growing. This year is going to be delightfully noisy thanks to these guys.

Their next gig is on 9th April at 93 Feet East. Go see them and let your face be melted.

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