SAY LOU LOU-Everything We Touch.


I first wrote about Say Lou Lou in the middle of 2012. I had heard Maybe You (when they were called Saint Lou Lou.) I found it by accident; I probably couldn’t sleep one night and just became obsessed with the song. I had the song on repeat for days. Their music does that to you. Every single time they put a new song out, I play it on repeat for days.

I saw them live at Concrete in London this year, and I remember them doing Everything We Touch. It instantly felt like a “Summer hit.” There is something about their sound which is just breathtakingly beautiful. As people, they are utterly striking- so is their sound. They have this stunning ability to leave you in awe with every song they have put out. After  heard Maybe You, I became obsessed with the Sweetness Alive song they did with Good Night Keaton.

Everything We Touch was made for the Summer. I’m pretty sure Say Lou Lou were put here to give us songs like this, to make us feel this way regardless of the season. Their music is like dusk approaching on a warm evening. Your shadow fades and everything around you becomes hazy. It’s the best part of the day; it’s my favourite part of the day. Everything We Touch truly captivates dusk hitting. This song requires your best carefree dance moves.

Say Lou Lou are the band you listen to you when you’re driving around with your loved one (maybe don’t play Fool Of Me or Beloved to them; they might get the wrong idea!) Their music just heightens your emotions and makes you forget all of your troubles. As I listen to Everything We Touch, I sort of don’t feel entirely shit and worthless for not having a job.

With a handful of gorgeous songs already been put out there, I’m fairly sure I am now not the only one who is desperate to hear their debut record.

You can listen to Everything We Touch here:

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