“Don’t fool yourself with the illusion of safety.”

Last week  I saw an excellent and loud band live called Bad Grammar. A bloody fine Manchester band that I would never get tired of watching live. A band who in some respects are similar to the Mancunian duo are Wax Futures. Loud and brilliantly brutal.

Wax Futures are 3 pals from Telford. I don’t know much about the Telford music scene but we all know that some bands from the Midlands right now are letting others know just how good their area is. London is not the world.

They make music which would fit comfortably in the collection of those who love Fugazi (who doesn’t?!) to At The Drive-In. They remind me of being bored with life at college doing my A-Levels, but hey, it got me out of a shitty place. The bad with good and vice versa. Their songs are eloquently put together; the production on their EP, A History Of Things To Come is insanely good. It’s better than that, and you’ll see come 10th March when it is released via Hometown Strategies (the band’s own label) and Distorted Tapes.

With a lot of bands in the Midlands all having quite a similar and dreamy sound- Wax Futures aren’t afraid to be different. Thy are louder and more bold. There is aggression to their sound that demands them to be heard, they want your attention and if I’m honest, it will be pretty hard to ignore them.

The wit and intelligence in their lyrics is what does it for me. I like the songs I listen to, to have meaning. It doesn’t have to be too in-depth or really intense; I just want it to mean something to me. There’s a lot of rage in their EP which will speak to those who carry a level of self-doubt around with them; I suppose that’s why I regard Wax Futures so highly. They’ve got something within their music which usually hits bands when they are at least 3 records into their career. Wax Futures have done it almost immediately, and that alone deserves acknowledging.

Wax Futures echo their thoughts on modern life throughout the EP, and I think most can appreciate just how much of a drag modern life truly is at times. People know your business without you saying a word. They know where you were and who you were with before you even get on the train home. Nothing is private anymore. We would rather know too much about others than find out who we really are, which is really sad and pathetic.

Personally, I advise playing Breadcrumbs loud and allowing yourself to scream along as loudly and as passionately as you can.

You can listen to their future hits right here: http://waxfutures.bandcamp.com/

If anyone fancies buying me one of their fetching t-shirts, I’d really love that.

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