What do you do if you have a neighbour who plays truly awful music at a disgusting level? You simply put your headphones in and play something that stops you from being mad at the inconsiderate idiot. As I proceed to deafen myself by listening to a new band called HUNCK, it doesn’t seem so bad. Mainly because they have this hint of The Jesus And Mary Chain about them which is clearly an excellent thing.

HUNCK are consisted of Thomas Wykes (who plays live for Parakeet) and Frederik Tyson-Brown who plays in MT. Put them together and you have this Mazzy Star/Slowdive-esque band who have immediately excelled themselves with their new song, Toy Trucks. Toy Trucks is a 3 and a half-minute wonder that sends you off into some hazy daydream. With the days starting to get a little longer, songs like this are truly welcome. As the sun goes down, this is the perfect song to listen to. And of course it is lovely to listen to as a way to drown out the sounds of others. Most music is good for that.

In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning is a little more relaxed (it is possible) than Toy Trucks. I could quite happily listen to these two songs on repeat; HUNCK are a brilliant new band who offer something soothing for the soul and ears. It is like they are singing a lullaby sweetly in your ears as you drift off into a beautiful sleep.

You can listen to HUNCK’s gorgeous sounds right here:

HUNCK’s songs will make you dream, sway and go someplace truly beautiful. Close your eyes and listen.

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