DUMB TALK-Handshakes.



I wrote about Dumb Talk some time back when I probably started listening to them at silly o’clock and thought I had something to say. I did have something to say, and I still stand by what I wrote about them. They are a band that New York should be massively proud of. Apparently Lady Gaga’s new one has leaked, but who cares?! Dumb Talk have a new single out. At least their sound isn’t pretentious.

I’ve been a fan for over a year of Dumb Talk, and I remember being obsessed with their songs, Princess and Cry Baby. I just played them over and over. They have this relaxing feel to their music but they have a brilliant element of Garage Rock to it. They clear your mind but at the same time they make you want to hurl stuff out of a window. Differences draw you closer.

Handshakes gives you back the summer feeling that is now just a distant memory. Now all you’ve got is questionable radiators, less daylight and wearing more layers of clothing than you wish to. But, if you’re anything like me (god help you) you’ll probably still be wearing band shirts and jeans without any regard for keeping warm. I hate wearing a coat. Handshakes sounds like the whole band are steadily getting drunk, but it’s okay. That hazy feel they have to their music is why it is so easy to love them.

I won’t bore you with words describing the song and such, watch the video. Buy the song. Support the band. They make beautiful music to dream to. And sometimes, you just need that. A simple dream to keep something in you alive. Dumb Talk are doing it right. They’re a band to love and to treasure. Hold them close, they’ll guide you as they softly sing “Come on baby….”

You can purchase the single here: http://evilweevilrecords.bandcamp.com/track/handshakes-digital-single

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