I first wrote about Everything By Electricity in May this year. I was instantly lured in by their hypnotising Shoegaze feel they have to their music. Of course I hate people coming up with pointless sub-genres in music, but let’s be honest, Shoegaze was one sub-genre that truly meant something. It was a stint in music that really had power. It was something that influenced a lot of bands I listen to now. Most now, take the elements of Shoegaze and conjure up something truly ethereal. Everything By Electricity are one of the bands that do this, and they do it extremely well.

Novocaine is the new song by the London trio, and as someone who became an instant mega fan- Novocaine is over 3 and a half minutes of sheer bliss. I’m not someone who has a major love of synths and such, but Everything By Electricity use them in a way that, if they didn’t use them, it wouldn’t sound right. Especially on Novocaine. The synths mixed with Yulia’s gorgeous vocals just sends you on some blissed-out trip that you really don’t want to return from.

When a band can make you excited to hear new music from them over and over, that’s when you know you’ve found something really special. With a lot of bands trying to go in this direction, I believe Everything By Electricity to be one of the very few who have got it right. In America you’ve got the likes of Savage Sister and Tamaryn getting it totally right. Over here, we have Everything By Electricity. I don’t want it any other way.

Novocaine just has this glorious way of lifting your spirits as soon as the drums come in- a countdown to feeling good. I’ve not seen Everything By Electricity live (yet) but I can imagine that when I do, I’ll be left feeling much like I did when I saw Beach House this year. Everything By Electricity have something extremely sacred about them; they have a quality to their music that is just nothing short of perfect. They place such positive feelings inside of you as you listen to them; you just close your eyes and in your head, you are where you want to be. They are a delightful escape from all things mundane.

You can listen to Novocaine, and some more of their tracks right here: https://soundcloud.com/everythingbyelectricity

With Autumn now here, they are the ideal band to listen to as you watch the leaves fall to the ground, not caring for the amount of layers you’re now wearing or the fact that daylight is getting shorter. There is comfort in sound; Everything By Electricity are just that. The comfort.

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