Happy 30th Birthday AJW xxxx


For some, 14th September is just a normal day- but for others they know that today is a pretty sad day. If it wasn’t for that horrible day two years ago, today would have been a special day for one person and her family. Sadly it isn’t. A loss is a loss, regardless of who experiences it.

Today would have been Amy Winehouse’s  30th birthday; today is also Nas’ 40th birthday. A rapper she really loved, and spoke beautifully about it in her song Me & Mr. Jones. She even sampled Made You Look by Nas on her song, In My Bed. Both songs are incredible, and probably the two I can sort of listen to without this weird and awful feeling just hitting me.

If Amy wasn’t so open with her lyrics, if you thought she didn’t mean every word- then I guess her music is probably easy to listen to. I remember hearing her many years ago on Trevor Nelson’s radio show he had on a Saturday afternoon on Radio 1 and he played Stronger Than Me. I then saw her on Jools Holland and she had this baby blue guitar and leopard print trousers on. She looked a little vulnerable but an element of control was around her. Anyone who saw that performance knew that they were witnessing something that would become such a vital performance. More importantly it was one of the best performances on that show. Ever.

Of course we must not be sad, but there will always be an element of sadness when her name is mentioned. Or when we think about Amy Winehouse. Her music, her words..they made you feel as if you knew her. Of course we didn’t but she was so open with her words- you couldn’t help but feel something like, she was your pal. Her music got you through heartbreak. So many have leant on her record, Back To Black to get through emotional pain. It was a raw record that exposed the ugly and haunting feelings we have in a way that we never could. That no one else may ever do. She was a phenomenal song-writer; the sheer honesty in her songs was just absolutely beautiful. The way in which she sung them made them what they were; perfect.

Since her passing, Amy’s family have set up the Amy Winehouse Foundation. You can learn more about who they are and what they do: http://www.amywinehousefoundation.org and all through September they putting on events to celebrate her 30th birthday. Get involved.

Today is a sad day, but it..happens. She died far too young, and it is so easy to think of what could have been. But what we have is what we should treasure. There will never ever be anyone else like her. She will always be the Queen Of Camden, always.

Happy Birthday Amy xxxx

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