True love is found and felt in weird places. I think I experienced it this morning at its strangest. I saw two grey hairs on my head (I’m 26!!) so I whinged about it, and my girlfriend pulled them out before she went to work. I was being dramatic, but I don’t think I’m ready to go grey just yet. Nor do I fancy colouring my hair, that’s not for me.

True love can also be expressed in music, and the band I’m listening to right now express love and everything around it in such a delicate manner. To the point where they break your heart just slightly. Only slightly. I feel no connection to singers who just stand with an acoustic guitar singing songs that just oozes ridiculousness. It isn’t for me; I cannot connect to it. I want ethereal gems that surround me with a feeling nothing in this world can probably give me; a feeling that goes beyond words. A feeling that is extremely delicate and one you can only treasure.

I’ve found a similar feeling in the band, Woman’s Hour. If you look them up, you might get some stuff about that brilliant Radio 4 show, but that’s okay. Both are good, so it’s fine.

Woman’s Hour have a song called To The End which is exceeds the word “stunning.” I wish I could describe how good this song is, but words for the most part, do fail me. The singer, Fiona has such a delicate voice (think Jessie Ware meets Aaliyah meets Sade- it is that beautiful.) Their music is much like what I listen to, perfect for the night-time when no one else is around. If they are around, tell them to go away or stick some headphones in and just get lost in this captivating world they have created with their music.

They have this haunting way of just soothing your soul in the way Say Lou Lou do- if you’re looking for reassurance, then Woman’s Hour will give you that and more. They are like a comfort blanket for the days where you just want to say no to everything and everyone (I have them more times than I should.) What instantly formed my love for them was that, when I listened to them all essence of colour slipped away. You see things in black and white when you listen to them, with hints of grey. There is a lovely dark atmosphere to their music that quite simply, makes them easy to love. And love them I sure do.

With the daylight appearing less now (it’s not a bad thing) bands like Woman’s Hour are the perfect sound for the crispness of Autumn and the fragility of Winter. Woman’s Hour are perfect to listen to as everything just passes you by. But try holding the one you love as you listen to Our Love Has No Rhythm, and just let everything carry on as normal; ignore it all and create your own moments that no one on this earth can take away from you. Their relaxed sound is good for the soul. Think Beach House meets Sade, then you’ll have it. Every insecurity or feeling of doubt just swims away as you listen to Woman’s Hour- they make you take it easy on yourself, they fill you with this heightened feeling that goes beyond words. But you feel it in your soul, and that’s how you know you are listening to one of the most exciting bands around.

Their single, Darkest Place is going to be released via Luv Luv Luv Records.

You can listen to their enchanting and tranquil sounds here: https://soundcloud.com/womanshourband

Fall for them; and fall freely with your arms open. Your mind will be cleared and your spirits lifted.

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