QUIET AS A MOUSE- Home Is The Hardest Place To Find.





For the most part, most of us have several songs that sum us up. Maybe they are songs that are too painfully accurate to listen to; when honesty strikes like that it can be a pain for sure. But sometimes you have to ignore that. Sometimes.

But there are songs that even before you hear it- the title alone sums up how you feel. This pretty much explains how I feel about Quiet As A Mouse’s new one. Home is a difficult place to find; sometimes you think you have found it, only to discover it wasn’t right. Or the place you are supposed to call home makes you feel uneasy. The best thing to do is leave, and start again. I’ve done it many times. I know I’ve got it right this time, finally.

Quiet As A Mouse are a Scottish band which of course makes them brilliant. My favourite band is Scottish, and my love for them has stemmed onto other Scottish bands. Quiet As A Mouse are 4 guys who make a lot of noise that is full of passion. Noise with a lot of meaning and fight behind it.

Their new single, Home Is The Hardest Place To Find is produced by Marcus Mackay who has worked with the likes of Sparrow & The Workshop and mastered by Chris Potter who has worked with Arctic Monkeys, Suede and Anna Calvi. But, regardless of who they have worked with on this single it is still excellent. Most spit at the term “Indie” but I guess it is because it no longer has any meaning. Just because a band were mentioned in NME or you’re the only one who likes them doesn’t make them Indie. It’s a generic term to satisfy those who NEED what they listen to be defined, which is pretty sad. The best kind of music goes beyond needing that, that’s why I like Quiet As A Mouse. They make music that comes from the heart, and that is sometimes the hardest kind of music to find. But when you find it, you cling onto it and it becomes part of your life- in a big way.

Quiet As A Mouse do not sound like a band you can tie a comparison to; which is another reason as to why I think they are above most. When a band is a carbon copy of another band, it sounds so desperate and becomes a chore to listen to. Their sound is nothing like their band name. They are a firm name within the Scottish music scene, and it is only a matter of time before a crazed wave of love for this band erupts.

Home Is The Hardest Place To Find is out 12th August, and you can catch the guys live:

– 9th August at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh
– 12th August at Birthdays in Dalston, London (free entry release show)
– 15th August at Broadcast in Glasgow
– 31st August at Liquid Room in Edinburgh (support show)
Check out their other sounds right here: https://soundcloud.com/quiet-as-a-mouse

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