Everything I’ve written recently has either been deleted or saved somewhere, more than likely to be deleted. I don’t know why it has happened, but this has happened many times. The frustration of words builds and builds. I want to write, but I can’t. I have no idea at all. But I’m going to try make this one work for one reason. The band I’m going to write about are Italian. I’m half Italian, so I feel I have to do it.

Modern Blossom come from Florence. One of the best places in Italy. Personally, my favourite place in Italy is Perguia. I remember going to a record shop there when I was about 11 or 12, it was so neat and I think it had glass shelves. My memory is hazy; they may have just been clean. I wanted to spend the rest of my holiday in this shop, but obviously I couldn’t. I’d quite happily spend the rest of life wandering from record shop to record shop; but apparently this isn’t feasible- but when is it ever? Modern Blossom make dark electro music. The kind of music you play late at night in your room when you should be doing that thing that everyone else seems to do- sleeping. Who needs sleep when you have music like this?!

I adore the pleading vocals on I Don’t Own You and the desperation on Last Act. My knowledge of Italian music isn’t exactly great. I had a small obsession with Litfiba and an appreciation for Vasco Rossi. That’s pretty much it. Of course I know there is more to the Italian music scene than those two. From listening to Modern Blossom I cannot help but have confidence that something beautiful is happening in Italy; musically. The raw power in Modern Blossom’s music is stunning. The way the songs are sung in such a straining (I mean this with the most respect and praise) way makes you believe in every single word. It is like you are feeling the fury too, and if you cannot connect with a band or song then you really have no chance of ever being a fan.

I listen to all kinds of music. I don’t care for the genre so long as it sounds dark and a bit menacing. Songs like A Sickness Called Faith (pretty apt title for some, right?!) are just amazing. The intense atmosphere in their music is really at its peak in this song; it is like every single frustration is just oozing out in this song. In a way that you can’t ever seem to pull out of yourself. Something stirs within you on a daily basis; Modern Blossom get it out of you in the most humanely way possible. A Common Poetry feels like an ode of sorts to a previous love that you’ve disgusted or a friend that you’ve disgusted. We’ve all been there, but maybe they don’t deserve such an excellent song to be associated with it. I really enjoy the intensity in their music; every song has a gorgeous build up especially on A Common Poetry.

Beg For More is their first record and although it consists of only 7 tracks- they are 7 solid tracks that satisfy the listener to the core. There are no pretentious lyrics or obscure key changes to make you lose your mind. What we have here is something carefully crafted but to the point. They don’t weave around to create something that makes you think too hard to the point of madness, but just enough to make you see things differently.

If you’re lacking depth or inspiration, you can listen to their record and some other tracks here:


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