My inbox consists of job rejections, recruitment agencies confirming I’ve registered with them and my favourite kind of email- bands sending me music. Being sent music is a billion times better than a job rejection. Rejection is part of life, it happens more than any kind of acceptance. That’s a completely different topic altogether, and one I probably shouldn’t go on about. Mainly because it’d be better if I told it to a brick wall. At least a brick wall wouldn’t tell me I’m silly. However, I’d be concerned if a brick wall spoke to me. Anyway….

I’ve put off writing for a while because I focused on other things. And also, I didn’t think I had anything else left to say after writing about meeting Patti Smith. However, it turns out that I’ve had a few emails from bands (good ones so I will write about them) and I’ve finally got round to listening to some of them.

Everything By Electricity have a Shoegaze feel to their music; not as heavy as most bands that fall into this category. But they also have that dreamy sound that is found in my favourites Tamaryn. I could quite happily go on about my love for Tamaryn for a stupidly long time, but I won’t. Not yet. Maybe I do need to talk to a brick wall. I’ve only heard a couple of songs from Everything By Electricity, but they are enough for me to know that I’ve been subjected to something so delicate and blissfully ethereal. They are such a new band, and the fact that the two songs I have heard makes me wish that there was a full length record out there by them is enough to know that they are going to be one of the highlights of this year.

Violet Haze is my favourite for now. I love the fuzzy/distorted build-up in the song. The fuzzy intro fades into the background but flows in and out until the vocals kick in, sounding like an engine of a battered old car. The vocals come in and everything becomes so relaxed. The fuzziness is flowing in and out all throughout the song, and it is details like this that just blow your mind. It is small details like this that add up to the big ones. This small detail is probably one of the most important elements of this song. Maybe I care too much about it, but it’s reinforcing my love for music. It is a big deal.

Story of You is a bit more relaxed in comparison. I do enjoy it, a lot in fact. The vocals aren’t as dreamy but the synths take this song to where it needs to be. You see, Everything By Electricity make the kind of music a lot of bands try to make. They try and try, but they get swept up in something they don’t believe in. In these two songs I can easily tell that music isn’t just a thing to the band. It’s a form of expression and it is vital to them. When you can sense the passion on record, you know that their live shows will most definitely be as captivating

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