I dislike a certain kind of Folk music. The kind where they stand on stage looking helpless slanting to one side telling pointless stories. I don’t need mention names because it isn’t nice.

It’s a good job Joe Innes actually has something to offer you in comparison to most. I fell in love with his music last year. He is nothing short of incredible and has supported the likes of She Keeps Bees and Sea Of Bees. Joe is the boss of the Anti-Folk scene, you may have thought it was dead, but you weren’t paying enough attention. It was being wasted on others. Oh how foolish.

His charm and wit truly shone on The Frighteners, and Fables is the first new release since last year’s record. Worth the wait? Yes, because there are mentions of dinosaurs and the killing of Jesse James. Fables is beautifully boisterous and just as charming as anything from The Frighteners. In his email to me, he said it is their best recording to date. Everyone says that don’t they. I listened to some of The Frighteners again just to see if he was right. You should always trust in the music, and that I did. Fables is nothing like previous releases and yes, it is the best he has done to date.

I’ve had Fables on repeat, and there is no way anyone could ever fault Joe’s songwriting skills. He tells tales in a way that you’ve probably been longing for. Fables makes you feel as if you are in some kind of Western, Joe’s the one that’s going to rescue you with his heroic lyrics full of wisdom and wit. There’s probably nothing else you really need. He is honestly one of London’s finest.

Fables is out on the 13th May, and you can listen to the brilliant track right here:


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