BEACH HOUSE. Shepherd’s Bush. 26th March 2013.

You have to wait for things you want don’t you. Sometimes you have to wait a long time, sometimes it just hits you when you don’t expect it to. Or someone can be really kind and help you. Patience is important. Waiting is an art-form. Could be the other way round. Either way, it still stands.

I cannot tell you how many years I have waited to see Beach House. I had tickets to see them about 2 years ago, but reasons led to me having to sell the tickets and unable to go. At the time I was a bit upset, but looking back- I’m glad it happened. Why see them in Manchester when I could see them in one of the best venues in London!

They opened with Wild. Pretty sure tears came immediately. I knew it would happen. It is like every time I have seen Morrissey live. He walks on stage and tears just fall. Alex and Victoria are delicate performers, but play with all they have. Their drummer (who I cannot remember the name of) is incredible. Watching these three perform was an honour. What made it special was that it was the band’s 20th show in London.

I want to talk about seeing Take Care live. When Teen Dream came out, this was the song that I played over and over. All I seemed to want was to just see this song live. I didn’t care for much else, I just wanted to see this song. Two years ago when my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer (she’s fine now) I showed her this song. When Beach House played the intro to Take Care, I could feel my eyes getting heavier and I felt like no one else was in the room. I was back to two years ago in my mind and  I just cried. It didn’t help that they played Myth straight after. The thing is though, it felt like a healing process of sorts. Take Care broke my heart and Myth fixed it instantly.

The extreme strobe lighting kept the band in flickering darkness for the most part, and during certain songs the light resembled sunrise across Victoria’s face. he darkness made it all a bit more personal as you felt as if you were part of a world that no one else was aware of. I don’t think there is a better way to spend a (very) cold Tuesday evening to be honest.

Their set list was unreal. Even though Lover Of Mine wasn’t played, they played quite a bit of earlier songs including Heart Of Chambers. Quite early in their set they played an early track and within 5 seconds of the intro, a girl yelled “I LOVE THIS SONG!” The excitement in her voice was brilliant. I looked at the crowd a few times during songs, and all I saw were faces that looked really happy in that moment. Life can be dull and miserable, but for those 2 hours everyone in that room was in a perfect state of mind (if you excuse some of us crying during certain songs that is!) I could quite happily only ever watch Beach House for the rest of my life. Every feeling they evoked was nothing short of euphoria. Every song felt like some kind of spiritual healing and a lesson. It’s alright to be gentle, it’s okay to be unsure. The answer seems to be found in a Beach House song.

I would quite happily wait a few more years to see Beach House again (Victoria said tonight’s show was their last here for a while) because what you get out of it is the most gorgeous and blissed out feeling imaginable. I knew that seeing Beach House would be incredible, but I didn’t expect it to be this huge. I think it is beyond words how they make you feel when you see them. It’s one thing to fall in love with them on record, but to be in the company of them as they perform the songs that in a way saved you, honestly no words can do it justice.

Beach House fans aren’t dickheads (well, the ones here weren’t) and it was just a lovely environment to be in. They don’t speak to the crowd much, but that’s okay. Everything about this gig exceeded perfection. I developed more understanding and admiration for their song Real Love tonight. And seeing New Year live just blew my mind. Well bollocks to it, the whole thing blew my mind and it was one of the most perfect moments I can recall. They are a sacred band, and those that love them know just how sacred they are. They know just how important they are. I always thought Victoria had a strong voice on record, and that Alex was a brilliant guitarist. But after seeing them live, it’s hard to believe talent like that is real.

Beach House have lyrics for you to use as guidance, and when Victoria said she wished she could speak to us all, and then said “in a way we are” it all made sense. Their music isn’t just music, well, for me it isn’t. For me they are a lifeline and some kind of safety net. They’re not just a band, they are a massive source of comfort.

*Also, Matt Berry (The IT Crowd) was there..I just felt like mentioning that.

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