The Long Wives-Break You In.


“Marks on your back, speak of sin.”

I’ve resigned myself to the fact (and it isn’t a bad thing at all) that the only solid source of comfort I have is probably found in a song by The Long Wives. I’ve honestly never found a singer who releases so much music as frequently as she does, and I am so thankful for that. It seems she releases something when I am in need of feeling something other than I do; her dark and vulnerable words do something that nothing else has done.

With its glorious religious imagery and vengeful words, Break You In is enough to shatter a tough heart and weaken the strongest of minds. When she sings, “I’ve served my time” I can feel all my frustrations pour out into this song, Maybe 9.30am is far too early to have these deep feelings, but they are there. And maybe some of them have to come out.

What I love about Brandy’s music is that I do not relate it to anyone but myself. I’m not a selfish person, but this is as selfish as I get to be honest. I can relate to every single word she has sung and written down; they remind me of nobody but myself. No other band or singer has ever done that. I usually listen to a song and I can associate it with something or someone. Thankfully with Brandy’s music, I just direct it to myself. Maybe it’s self-indulgent, or maybe it is much-needed. I’m going with the latter.

Her voice always does something overwhelming and incredible to me, as if it is some kind of catharsis. It is a release of sorts, and quite frankly, a much-needed one. Break You In shows just how strong Brandy’s voice is. They was she sings certain words just posses such strength and determination, there’s no way you couldn’t relate to her words. The fury and passion in her words and music just shows she is more than a singer. She’s a poet, a storyteller with words that come strictly from the heart. As awfully clichéd as it is, she is real. She has a raw talent and posses delicate words that make you feel at ease. I’ve never felt at home anywhere, ever. But her words are like home. Comforting and safe yet brutally honest.

To compare this song or any of her music to someone else would be a foolish mistake, and maybe I’ve done that before but songs like this just cement how rare Brandy is. I’d say we need more singers/bands like her, but I don’t want that. I’m just happy one person is making music as honest and as ethereal as this.

You can listen to Break You In here:


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