SENSUAL HARASSMENT-Escape From Alpha Draconis.


I have a job interview in a few hours, and there is no better way to prepare for it than writing about one of my favourite bands. A band that I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing (via email because sadly I don’t live in New York.) I first heard Sensual Harassment when I heard their song, Boss well over a year ago. I remember being hooked on the song and just constantly playing it over and over. I had no (and still don’t) words to describe the song, it was just a marvellous disco number that could make anyone (including myself) want to dance. They have an EP which is out now, and it pretty much makes you want to dance.

As I head into my second listen of Escape From Alpha Draconis, I cannot help but feel that this is what would happen if Dead Or Alive met Cold Cave and sampled something by Donna Summer. Is Goth-Dance a sub-genre? We need more pretentious and pointless sub-genres, so let’s have that one. But in all seriousness and I’m not just saying this because I adore the band, but this EP is just wonderful. Deep vocals over dark disco beats, it is just perfect.

Capri Suntan is a relaxed number that makes you feel as if you are watching the day pass by lazily on a beach somewhere with hazy sunshine warming your bones. The common reality will be that you look out the window and it’s a bit grey out side. Probably with a bit of snow (it’s turned to ice so I’m clearly going to fall over when I walk to the train station later!) You cannot help but fall deliriously in lust with this EP.

Another reason as to why I fully adore them is because they are a duo. I have a massive soft spot for duos as they always seem to work harder than most. They make the most noise and play with the utmost passion. I’m not someone who is a keen dancer, but Sensual Harassment yet again make me want to dance. Maybe like some flexible kid from the film, Wild Style. They’ve taken influences from everywhere and have made something of their own. Is it their best work? Sure it is, but that doesn’t weaken previous releases. It just means they’ve got a solid sound that allows them to grow and adapt, which makes them one of the best bands around.

Firmly underrated but remarkable all the same, Sensual Harassment are like a loving whisper in your ear that just makes you quiver. You cannot help but play their music loud and just move your limbs about in a care-free manner. Who cares who sees you, grab them and make them dance with you.

You can get the EP as a free download from their website here:

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