Seaside towns can be dull and depressing. Maybe this is a sweeping statement considering I hate where I am from. Everything about it is dull and depressing. The lack of culture. The lack of acceptance. The lack of life. The lack of everything; but the odd beach or two (that aren’t covered in rubbish) make up for it.

You’d think a band coming from a seaside town would make music that gives you an endless summer vibe. You’d be wrong. Not entirely, but there’s a band from Here Bay (a seaside town, all links in) that make music that reminds you of very early Sonic Youth with a touch of My Bloody Valentine. Basically, they make fuzzy/distorted music that throttles you and shakes your bones. What isn’t there to love!?

These three lads make enticing noise. The kind of noise that even your Grandma would enjoy (I’m only using my Gran as an example because she once told me she liked The Jesus And Mary Chain) They trash you in the face with the throbbing drums, brutal bass and fuzzy guitar. It is evidently picking up where Shoegaze left off. The thing is, unlike a lot of bands that do this Hunting Ulysses aren’t ripping off that style of music. They’ve essentially made it their own.

Songs like Delicious Ice, although it is a demo, are enough to let your ears know that they have been exposed to something you have been longing to hear. This is the kind of music to as they say (I’ve heard it a few times, it’s a stupid phrase but still stands) “lose your shit” to. Not literally, thankfully. You know what I mean don’t you.

Even with just three demos on their Soundcloud page, it still sounds like a band that have been at it for years and years. A band that sound older than they are. The demos will tease and arouse your ears, leave you wanting more. But, you won’t have to wait long as they have another EP coming out quite soon. Going by these demos, I think it safe to say that Dan, Ethan and Will be providing us with something we quite havent heard before, and that is the pure delight in being introduced to new music isn’t it. Just hearing something different and new in every way possible.

You can listen to Hunting Ulysses here :

They’ll leave a pleasant ringing in your ear, and if you are left wanting more, then you are listening to them right. They mix lo-fi and the essence of Garage rock in such a pure way, you simply cannot find any fault in this. Then again, why on earth would you want to. Go listen, and enjoy.

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