You know when you hear something, and it doesn’t really sound like music. Music usually follows some form of structure. I dislike structure. I don’t like it. I dislike planning. Live by a quote from Jenny Lee Lindberg, “Organisation is bullshit.” Have some chaos in your life. Structure is bland. Music should be tested, experimented and pushed. When you regiment it, it loses meaning. It appeals to everyone and no one feels the need to seek out anything new. Which is why those talent(less) programmes fuel society. Awful. Ban them, please. You can find bands by accident. The vast majority of what I listen to was found by accident. Usually when I cannot sleep. I then realised staying up until 3am to find new music wasn’t healthy because I was becoming more and more obsessed; I wouldn’t sleep until I found something. Turns out you can find something really wonderful at 4.48pm on a Saturday.

WIFE aka James Kelly may be best known for his talents in the Metal band, Altar Of Plagues. Or you may not know of his music at all. If you don’t, you’re missing out. You really really are. He has the incredible way over casting night-time upon you; complete and utter darkness as soon as you listen to him. The very start of Endings has an eerie vibe to it. His music has an apocalyptic feel to it. This is the kind of music you’d want to listen to as you meet your maker, or the equivalent of.

For those who are partial to zoning out whilst listening to music (I am one of you, I always do it) Wife is the perfect artist to do that to. You cannot help but zone out and fall into this underworld he has created. The dark beats and haunting vocals are nothing short of divine. It’s another kind of ethereal. You cannot help but think you’ve been waiting a lifetime for this. I always want to hear something that just blows my mind. I don’t care for what genre it is; I just want it to make me feel like I am on a different planet. That everyday life is behind me, that I have found something sacred. I got that immediately as soon as I heard Wife. He is easily one of the best artists from Ireland. Regardless of where he is from actually, he’s just one of the best artists around. End of.

I refuse to ever place a singer/band in any genre. I find that disrespectful in a way, and I’m not a fan of labelling stuff (this could come from my dislike of structure/routine) I think I have an obsession developing with the beat to Bodies. It sounds like Portishead mixed with Burial; the vocals sound hazy. Almost drunk-like. It is absolutely stunning. I’m unsure how to listen to anything else after hearing this. Really bloody unsure.

His EP, Stoic is out now. I cannot express enough how much you need this EP in your life. It is a sacred piece of music. Listen to it as it gets dark. Freak yourself out, and fall into the depths of a different world. Cloaked in darkness but so comforting. So pure. Just bloody wonderful.

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