The Graftham Water Sailing Club-Kappa Kappa.



Any band that use Arsenal’s finest, Dennis Bergkamp on their Soundcloud page are heroes in my mind. He was clearly one of the best football players in English football during the 90s, along with Colin Hendry (Blackburn Rovers finest, always.) Anyway, my love for football when I was very young was borderline obsessive. Something else took over; for the best I reckon.

The Graftham Water Sailing Club are back with an eerie song that is obviously brilliant, because if it was toss; I wouldn’t write about it. Truly one of the best bands that are in the West Midlands for sure. Kappa Kappa is like their other tracks- haunting and powerful. That’s their thing. Hypnotic and utterly creepy vocals. Think of The Cure circa Seventeen Seconds. I compare most things in life to two records. That one and Psychocandy by The Jesus And Mary Chain. If a band or song makes me feel like either/both those records do, then I know I have found something to blissfully and carelessly love.

Also, the enthralling bass-line is captive much like Krimson by Warpaint or say, Lost A Girl by New Young Pony Club. Mix this with the chant like drums, and you have something remarkable.

Kappa Kappa is one of those songs that will take you over in a sinister way; but don’t let that put you off. Some of the best songs ever written have this feel to it, so don’t hide from it. With Christmas approaching (I know, it is shit) ignore those songs with bells jingling and go for the songs that are going to be a menace to your ears, steadily luring you into the unknown.

So go forth and be lured. Devour yourself in something so eerie and divine :

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