When you’ve spent 8 hours travelling to a place to despise, it makes you feel ill. Physically sick. You want to vomit on the tarmac as soon as the plane lands. I get this feeling every time I make this trip. The journey leaving here however, is my favourite. Freedom. 27 days time I’ll do it again. It does hurt to leave the one you love for long periods of time, but it’s okay.

A long journey can drain you. I came home and just wanted to fall asleep. I have work at 9am tomorrow, so maybe I’ll be sensible and go to sleep before midnight. I don’t know. You see, when you feel utterly exhausted you need something to carry you off into some dreamland don’t you? It’s all well and good closing your eyes, but you need that extra push. This is where you’ll find it.

Ninetails are a fine band from Liverpool. Liverpool is the home to some delights such as Bird and Beach Skulls. Let’s place Ninetails up there with them. Ninetails make euphoric and blissed-out music that makes you sleepy (in a good way.) They launch you into a dream. So tranquil. Nothing and no one can interrupt you. As someone who has issues with sleeping, bands like this make drifting off less of a chore. They cancel out all the day’s thoughts and events, and just send you some place peaceful.

Ninetails deserve to be heard everywhere. In shops, alone in your room, in bars- everywhere. They have the power in their music to make anyone who listens to them; regardless of their music taste, to just stop and appreciate the moments Ninetails create with their music.

If you are looking for something beautiful and meaningful (in a Beach House kind of way) then you’ll find it in Ninetails for sure. They have the same mind-blowing aura like Foals, and with the same mindless drivel floating about; it is bloody good to have a band like this. The music comes from the heart, that is evident. So open yours up to Ninetails.

Their EP, Slept And Did Not Sleep is out 10th December through Superstar Destroyer Records. A gig to mark the launch of their EP will be held in their city, Liverpool and they will also be making their London debut on 29th November at the Bull And Gate in Kentish Town.

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