As much as I love finding new music, I still get the same feeling when I find old bands. However excitement is quickly replaced with a brief stint of rage because the band are either dead, split up or all I can find is one song and that’s it. I hate it when that happens. I spend hours trying to find more only to be greeted with nothing. Typical, I know. I bloody know.

By the end of the 80s, all that was good in music was pretty much long gone. The whole Goth scene was over, nowadays you have people listening to the likes of…those idiots that wear that make-up and have something to do with Brides in their band name, and everyone that listens to them calls themselves a Goth. SHUT UP. Please? Just take yourself away. Far far away. They’re about as Goth as my grandma. Having said that, my gran could take you all on. She’d feed you cake and tell you stories. That’s right, she’d lure you right in. Then..well, she’d just fuck shit up like any brilliant 84-year-old would.

Ghosting formed in 1989. 3 years after I was born. There’s no connection, I’m just spewing out a FUN FACT for you. Want another? It’s my birthday in 10 days time. I’m going to be 26. This time next week I’ll probably be sat on a pavement in London somewhere crying about how I;m nearly 30 and I’ve done nothing with my life.

Back to Ghosting, sorry.

Ghosting were (and always will be) one of the best German bands of all time. They were so bloody underrated. More importantly; they were utterly terrifying and mind-blowing. Story telling at its finest. Scary stories that you tell around an open fire, in the vague attempt to scare someone. Anyone. They fill you with fear through their demonic and possessed sounds. This is some truly dark stuff. A flurry of images explode in your mind as you listen to them.

I honestly don’t want to go into great detail about them, I just want to write as a fan. If you want any history about them- look them up. I just want to tell you what they do to me. They possess you in a way that no one else may ever be able to do. They make me hate I was born too late to appreciate them. If I appreciate them like this now, then I’m pretty sure I’d be borderline obsessed with them if I was born when they first started.

Their music made you feel as if the end was close. So close; but no part of you felt any fear because there was something so enthralling and comforting about their music. I firmly believe that the darker the music, the more you find comfort in it. I don’t want to hear soppy love songs. I want to hear something a bit sinister and against what is expected. I want to hear something that causes a riot in my heart and a battle in my head. I want brutal. I want dark. I want heavy. I want something passionate. That’s why I love the bands I love. Ghosting are no exception. They’re another band that justify why music is my biggest love.

If music was still like this, I think the Daily Mail would have a fucking hernia over it. If only that would happen.

So go and embrace the dark side for a while, it needs you. It wants you.


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