Heavy Waves.

I have time to kill before I need to leave for the airport. It’s raining outside and I think the sun wants to make a brief appearance, but the rain clouds are proving to be persistent. Relentless and unforgiving. So I’ve found a band that bring the sun on this otherwise grim Thursday afternoon. I’m not flying anywhere exotic, I doubt I could sit still for longer than an hour. I’m off to see the one I love/adore..how that one happened I have no idea, but it feels good.

Birmingham (or B-Town if you want) is obviously blessing us with amazing bands such as Peace and Swim Deep. There’s another band you can put in there; Heavy Waves.

Heavy Waves are three (I think there’s three of them) chaps from sunny Birmingham..no idea if it is sunny there today but the music that they create makes you think it is always sunshine and FUN up in Birmingham. Heavy Waves make music that makes you want to surf. A lot of the stuff I listen to usually makes me want to lie down and close my eyes, and go somewhere magical. Heavy Waves makes me want to actually do something. I’ve opted for surfing, which is actually quite silly as I cannot swim. Still, we must do silly things in life or learn something new. Maybe both at the same time. Calm down.

I love music that sounds distorted yet relaxing. Heavy Waves have mastered this; I’ve only heard a couple of tracks by them but it is enough for me to believe that next year they’re going to do some amazing things. I won’t do the whole “I TOLD YOU SO” thing when it happens because I’m not like that. I’m not an arrogant/pretentious arsehole. Hell..I don’t even know if anyone will read it. But if they do, I hope you also believe in Heavy Waves as much I do. I hope you fall instantly in love with them much like I have done. I hope, I hope, I hope.

I love their song Edward. It’s the kind of song that just makes you want to get out and do something. Surfing is optional. However, if you live in England and can’t get to beach; I suggest you go outside and find a puddle then use an ironing board as a surf board. Imagination kids, don’t be scared to use it.

You can listen to the glorious and enchanting sounds of Heavy Waves right here : http://soundcloud.com/heavywaves and tell them that you love them. Do it. I’m sure they’d enjoy that.

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